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Script PotPVP Essentials ---ANTICHEAT--- ON SALE! 1.4.2

Essential things you NEED for your Practice/PotPVP server!

  1. New commands!

    Hello! This update for PotPVP Essentials contains some not-so critical bug fixes and some new commands!
    New commands:
    • /follow <player> - this command makes your moderating job a LOT easier, it, every 0.5 tick, teleports you behind the first argument. Try it out!
    • /staffspec <player> - this command teleports you to the excact location of the first argument, this makes it WAY easier to detect killauras/aimbots.
    Permissions for these new commands are the same. (potpvp.staff)

    These are the bug fixes:

    • removed the /autofix command - I know, I put it back in the last update
    • removed all empty configuration sections so now there should not be any issues detecting other skript errors
    • removed killaura check and replaced it with a new one
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