Addon PermSk 2.0.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.20

PermSk - LuckPerms Integration for Skript

PermSk is a powerful Minecraft Skript addon designed to seamlessly integrate LuckPerms, and anticipate support for additional permission plugins in the future. Skript, a popular scripting plugin for Minecraft servers, gains enhanced permission management capabilities through PermSk, offering server administrators greater control and flexibility.

Key Features: LuckPerms Integration: PermSk bridges the functionality of Skript with LuckPerms, allowing server owners to leverage the advanced permission management features of LuckPerms directly within their Skript scripts. Ease of Use: With PermSk, implementing permission-related logic in Skript becomes straightforward and intuitive. Execute commands, check permissions, and manage player access effortlessly. Expandable Compatibility: While currently focused on LuckPerms, PermSk is designed with future compatibility in mind. Plans include extending support for other popular permission plugins, ensuring flexibility for server administrators. Enhanced Scripting: PermSk empowers Skript users to create more sophisticated and dynamic scripts by seamlessly integrating LuckPerms functionality. Unlock new possibilities for gameplay customization and server management.

Installation: Download PermSk from the GitHub releases page. Place the PermSk.jar file into your server's "plugins" folder. Restart your server to enable PermSk.

Usage: Explore the PermSk documentation on the GitHub repository for detailed instructions, examples, and best practices on utilizing LuckPerms within Skript scripts.

Contributing: We welcome contributions from the community to improve and expand PermSk's capabilities. Feel free to submit issues, feature requests, or pull requests on the GitHub repository.
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Latest reviews

Great addon!! 10/10
Add support for UltraPermissions plugin as soon as possible please!
Thank you for forking SKPerm. I can finally make a rank core now. 10/10