Umbaska Module Particles BETA 1.0

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Particles - a Module for Umbaska 3
Created by @Sashie for Umbaska 3, we present to you, the Particles Module. The Particles Module allows you to quickly, easily and creatively create particles within Skript.

The Particles Module employs similar techniques from skDragon but have been improved upon and optimised through Umbaska.

Got that particle effect just the way you want it?
Don't like where you put it?
Want to still change how it looks?
While the effect is still running?

A new age has arrived, now you can take control of those old particle effects.

To make a particle effect you have to register the effect with a particle, and effect type and a name to identify the effect.
Then you must set its start location and any other options that you don't want to be default.
Once that's done you can start the effect and still be able to change its options.

After you have everything the way you want you can save all particle effects that are running to an external file that is read at server start so that your particle effects can survive a crash. ^.^

For more information, just click the download button above.
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