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Script OP CRATES (abandoned) 1.1

A crate skript designed for op-prison servers

  1. Deleted member 9590
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This skript is aimed at op-prison servers, as there is no animation when opening, allowing for quick usage of keys

    step 1: do /crate drops (crate name)
    here you set the drops, each crate has

    step 2: do /crate set (crate name)
    you will recieve an crate setter, that allows you to click on a chest, and set the location of the crate

    step 3: /crate holo (crate name)
    this automaticly sets a hologram above the crate

    /crate give (player) (crate name)

    /crate drops (crate name)

    /crate set (crate name)

    /crate holo (crate name)

    /crate remover

    /crate help


    SkQuery by btk5h

    Skellett by LimeGlass

    I made this in minecraft 1.12.2, but it definitely should work in other versions as well. PM if using without any trouble outside of 1.12.2, so I can add the version to "tested versions".

    Add me on discord AggerTV#4863 for support

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  1. minor update

Recent Reviews

  1. Rylen
    Version: 1.1
    You did not tell us what addons we needed.........
    1. Deleted member 9590
      Author's Response
      Sorry, I completely forgot. You need SkQuery by btk5h, Skellett by LimeGlass