"Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8]

Script "Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

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  • Fixed a bug where ops could bypass 2fa
  • Fixed a bug where if you gave an item to a 1 player and gave an amount it would say item not found
  • Set the /locate perms to Trainee due to Mineplex Changing it!
  • Added double jump
  • Changed Mythical Chest to ender chests
  • Fixed vanish & main cmd missspellings
  • Updated SkPerms Verison
  • Added RealTME01 to patreon list
  • Global MCR Announcements
  • Added World Option in config that allows for you to change the world thing in scoreboard!
  • Added Pre-Module Support

  • Fixed Bug where support and media ranks did not get perms on relog
  • Fixed a vanish bug where admins could not see people properly
  • Added Two Factor Auth!
  • Added /2fa
  • Fixed a Bug where Carl's Daily Rewards would say <None> gave you shards/gems
  • Added hotfix in the /mcr command
  • Fixed a bug where carl explodes
  • Fixed a bug where the no perms message for /report would have quotes
  • Fixed a bug where Gwen bans did not show full info in the punish GUI
  • Added /lag
  • Added /monitor
  • Fixed a bug where perm messages would show up twice in /tp
  • Fixed a bug where you could /ma people with no message
  • Fixed vanish messages
  • Removed the ability to disguise as a player in that server
  • Made /a, /ma, and /ra look much better
  • Added /global
  • Fixed a bug where Gwen through you had Velocity when you were on fire
  • Made the MCR messages more unified
  • Fixed a bunch of /tp messages
  • Fixed /tell not being able to be run
  • Added underscore support for /give
  • Fixed a bug where displayrankapi was showing in all caps
  • Added MP Style Throwing TNT
  • *NEW DEPEND* §4§lSkStuff§r
  • *NEW DEPEND* §4§lRandomSK§r
  • Added Dev warning in punish gui
  • Added Report System
  • Added /report
  • Added /reporthandle
  • Added /reportclose
  • Added GWEN Ban Animation (/gwenban (player))
  • Added /gwenban
  • Added Report Ban to Punish GUI!
  • Changed Report Max Tier to Sr.Mod
  • Changed History Ban Item to Iron Sword
  • Got rid of the unban and unmute buttons...now use the history to unban
  • Added past offences in the punish gui!
  • Added /ra for replying to /a via /ma
  • Added /time!
  • Added /rules
  • Added ruleswebsite in the config
  • Added Forcefield!
  • Added Forcefield in prefs!
  • Added Anti-Forcefield in prefs!
  • Fixed a bug where test ranks would overlap and not give back old rank!
  • Fixed messages with /silence
  • Added Treasure Chests!
  • Revamped the teleport system to all /tp
  • Added No Rank to the displayrankapi
  • Added /msg
  • Fixed a bug where players could /reply to players that were not online
  • Gave youtube rank prefs!
  • Added carl the creeper!
  • Gave Youtube Rank /disguise
  • Added youtube config option
  • Added twitter config option
  • Added shoplink config option
  • Gave Support rank Admin perms
1.9 Hotfix Changelog:
  • Fixed GWEN Bug: High CPS on jitter clicking
  • Added Player's CPS for GWEN report
  • Added appealwebsite in the config!
  • Added banned by on the ban screen
  • Added proper Client Manager messages
  • Fixed /chatslow messages missspelling
  • Gave GWEN reports disguise support
v1.8- Fancy Lookin' Scoreboard you have There! What did you say??? You have a config too?!?
  • *NEW DEPEND* WildSkript
  • Added /give
  • Added /tpall
  • Moved SkPerms Options to Bottom
  • Added /mineplex-core reload
  • Added config.yml
  • Added displayname API
  • Added JR.DEV Rank
  • Added /getadmin for jrdev
  • Added Scoreboard
  • Added /mineplex-core useScoreboard (true/false)
  • Fixed Support and Media Rank Color
  • Fixed displayrank API not updating after /updaterank
  • Made rank and chat loading about 60% faster
  • Cleaned the Code
  • Added /testrank
  • Added All Donor Ranks to /testrank
  • Added Gems and /gem
  • Added Shards and /shard
  • Added /admin for /a
  • Added GWEN reports into /prefs for staff
  • Fixed a Punish bug Where mods cant do some stuff in the gui
  • Added No Chat Repetition