"Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8]

Script "Official" [Skript 2.2] MP Core [Remake] [1.8.8] 3.1

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Switch to bensku's skript fork
Added New Help Message/Commands
Update Report GUI
Update Disguise Messages
Fix NPE with /rank
Revamp /mcr
Added Scrolling Scoreboard
Added Better Carl Spinner
Fixed bug with prefs
Add Firework API for internal use
Fixed Scoreboard Flicker

Test Server:
Test the new update at:
(Sponsored by Apex MC Hosting)

Changed all permission messages
Update the wrapper for the bug report system
Add enchantments to give command
Fixed bug with /ma command
Merged /updaterank and /testrank into /rank
Removed debug command
Added more titles.
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Download Link Fix - Sorry for this update. 3.0 is Soon
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Removed some debug messages
Fixed a bug with /prefs where regular players could not use it
Made the back button in /prefs grey
Fixed a bug where Carl made more of himself
Added /track
Added display titles
Updated Carl GUI
Updated Poll GUI
Re-Added /2fa
2fa now needs google auth
Fixed news titles glitches
Server name in the config now supports lowercase
Changed default server-name to lowercase
Added /powerplay
Fixed spelling in tab list
Fixed a bug where SQL rows would not regenerate when deleted
Fixed a bug where the report number was not set
Converted /report into functions
Fixed a bug where you could report yourself
Fixed some spelling errors
Updated /mcr
Converted /news into functions
Added SQL Support for news
Fixed /prefs error
Fixed /givetreasure
Added /bugreport
Added Bug Reporting
Removed GWEN Forcefield Check
Made GWEN ban message custom
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Added hover message to Mapper
Added updated hover message to Builder
Made /gm Maplead+
Fixed bugs with playerdata not setting for offline players
Fixed bugs with /disguise not being able to run it's checks
Fixed a bug where giving all players an item would not work
Fixed a bug where console spammed on leave
Added Event Rank
Added '\' to the disguise name filter
Changed /debugapi to /api
Made titles not fade when changing news lines
Made chests now repel players
Made players not be able to leave chest plots
Added custom death messages
Fixed temp mutes not working
Fixed perm mute message
Added full info to /rh (ohsnapitsrosie)
Fixed a bug where you could get /p in your inventory
Added json hover, delete buttons for /news
Updated /news messages
Changed Jr.Dev color to gold
Added new gwen-ban message
Made /gwenban ban you
Added /ignore
Added /unignore
Fixed /a, /ma, and /ra messages
Updated /prefs

Removed Bhop from GWEN
Fixed Artist Rank Permissions
Fixed MapLead caps
Fixed carl's message
Fixed a message with /thank
Fixed an issue with treasure resetting
Fixed a bug where /gwenban would not ban the player :3
Fixed a bug where /thank would give the player x2 shards
Made only admin+ be able to toggle other's gamemodes
Fixed a bug where you could use negitive numbers for levels
Fixed a bug where /gem would use shards
Added /mineplex-core ForcefieldOff
Added MySQL Support (Read GitHub Wiki)
Added /help
Fixed a bug where builder would display as &8 in /a
Added Mapper rank
Added updated /vanish messages (ohsnapitsrosie)
Added updated /reportclose messages (ohsnapitsrosie)
Added the ability for Mod+ to spam chat​

Added a better version of /mineplex-core
Made the treasure system load faster
Fixed a bunch of bugs with playerdata, mostly shards and gems
Updated Carl GUI
Fixed /time lol
Fixed /stats not working for other players
Fixed time in game not showing in /stats
Added a block for /a and /message when someone is muted
Fixed a bug where removed punishments would shine
Made recompile lag less
Fixed support tag hover message
Fixed a bug with /give not showing messages or giving items
Fixed a bug where cosmetics would overlap in treasure and carl
Fixed some updaterank bugs
Fixed equipped misspelling
Made /updaterank only accept uppercase
Made some of the joins and load handlers a bit better
Made some tweaks to changelog reader
Added /mpcore purgehistory (player)
Added Pets to Cosmetics
Added B-Hop to GWEN
Added Jesus to GWEN
Added Reach to GWEN
Added FastEat to GWEN
Fixed BowSpam for GWEN
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**Ranks Resetting**
Removed /dailyr (Forgot about it)
Added full treasure GUI
Added way to open 4 chests
Added exploding sound to carl
Added cosmetics ALPHA
Added /givetreasure
Fixed Permission misspelling
Fixed a space after players name in above head
Added better-ish filter
Added /givestat
Removed /updatelevel
Converted punish into functions
Moved over to file-based playerdata!
/updaterank can now be used for offline players
Bans/Mutes are now uuid based
Changed rank names for /updaterank
Added formatting to /time
Fixed a bug where the youtube rank did not display correctly in scoreboard
Removed /__mp__st__
Added v1 of Stats
Added autoop to config
Added unbanadmin to config
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Changed Carl rewards to &e colour code
Added /ticket
Added Carl Spinner tickets
Fixed a bug where /admin would not show the proper rank displayed
Renamed Media rank to Artist
Fixed a bug where C.Mod and Sr.Mod would not get capped correctly
Made carl tell you if you can claim your daily reward
Optimised the f**k out of Carl
Added animation to carl every 2 minutes
Added /animation
Added /poll
Added Carl Polls!
Added /thank
Added Thank System
Fixed a bug where carl would lend you his inventory!
Fixed a bug where lava did not stop you from double jumping
Added JSON Rank-Hover Messages for chat (Thanks, Rezz)
Added termanator1128 to Patreon list
Added filter for "hack" and "hax"
Fixed /silence messages
Fixed *some* punish bugs
Unified MORE of the Internal messages
Added pling sound for /message
Added pling sound for /a, /ma, and /ra
Added /tp h as a shortcut for /tp here
Added /tp back
Added /tp b as a shortcut for /tp back
Added /tp (player) (x) (y) (z)
Removed /monitor
Made /lag only show for Jr.Dev+
Fixed /ping message
Added back, b, and h to the tab completer
Added /rec for /recompile
Fixed spelling error in tlink
Added better filter
Added avg to /lag
Got a big update for you guys! So let's get right into this changelog!

Fixed a bug where chests were only taking away 1000 shards for all chests
Fixed a warn bug
Entire Punish GUI - Full History - IT IS 1:1 with Mineplex
Improved the amount of time it takes to reload the skript when using /recompile
Added ranks in the nametags above player heads
Added doublejump config value
Added /incognito for /vanish
Fixed the retarded message for in dev versions
Fixed config updating misspelling
Added /f and /friend
Added Friend System
Added /me block
Fixed a bug where the scoreboard would not show unset
Fixed a bug where ranks were not displaying properly on the first join
Fixed a bug in /a where staff would see an extra &
Added a message if you pm a dev
Added titles for when you open a treasure chest
Added /whisper
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