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Skript Tools Obsidian Skript UDL for Notepad ++ (Skript-Dark) 5.6

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(Edited & More Updated version of Skript UDL by destroyer)
1. Install Notepad++
2. Download the latest version of the UDL. (Right click the gray bar: Save Page As)
3. Open "Notepad+ +"
4. Change your main theme to Obsidian by navigating to "Settings" then to "Style Configuratior"
5. Where is says "Select Theme" choose "Obsidian", then Save & Close.
6. "Navigate to Language">"Define Your Language" and "Import"
7. Locate the downloaded UDL and "import" it.
8. Open a Skript ".sk file" and your good to go!


Commant Distinguishing

Comments can be distinguished by placing an @, #!, or #? in the comment.
@ - Displays the word following it in pink. The highlighting only extends to the text that is directly after the sign, ending at any white-space. Great for labelling folds.
#! - Mark an important section of a comment. Displays all text after it red. It can be closed by using adding a !# to the end of the important section. Good for pointing out information to others.
#? - Marks all text after it as if it was part of the code. It can be closed by adding a ?# to the end of the code section. It was designed to be used to show code which has been commented out.
("Comment Distinguishing" & "Folding" taken from destroyers thread)



Folds can be created by creating a commented line with the keyword "start" anywhere in the comment
Folds must be closed by creating a commented line with the keyword "end" at the end where the fold should stop.
Sub-folds can be created by creating a commented line with the keyword "sub" anywhere in the comment. Sub-folds are limited to being in an existing fold, and will automatically close where a new sub-fold starts or the parent fold ends.
("Comment Distinguishing" & "Folding" taken from destroyers thread)




Changelog - Last update: 23/11/15 (Click to show)

(37.9KB) - v5.6: Added SkRambled's & SkStuff's latest update's syntax!
(37.8KB) - v5.5: Added SkStuff's syntax!
(37.6KB) - v5,4: Added SkRambled's latest update's syntax!
(37.3KB) - v5,3: Added skRayFal's latest update's syntax!
(37.3KB) - v5,2: Changed some colors add "on" & "off" +more
(37.2KB) - v5,1: Changed colors for %Expressions%, Variables(perm) +more
(37.2KB) - v5,0: Added Support for SkAction
(37.1KB) - v4.8: Added all Expressions
(36.0KB) - v4.7: Added 40% of all expressions, plus more syntax
(35.0KB) - v4.6: Added Enchantment types, colour types, added loads more syntax
(34.2KB) - v4.5: Added loads more smaller things like "uuid of player" and "subtitle"
(33.9KB) - v4.4: Changed/Added loads.
(33.8KB) - v4.3: Added more syntax!, Also added "s" support for entities. example "cows".
(33.0KB) - v4.2: Added Support for Entity and potion types (also added new SkRambled Syntax!)
(31.8KB) - v4.1: Added Support for SkRambled (Thanks Maeyrl and Headshot!)
(30.3KB) - v4.0: Added all events! (Credit to Nstemp!)
(15.5KB) - v3.4: Added "function", "return" and much more (Thanks for suggesting things Ntstemp!)
(15.3KB) - v3.3: Added Loop types, "close", "unstealable", "player" + loads more!
(14.9KB) - v3.2: Added Syntax!
(14.8KB) - v3.1: Added "variables" "executable by" "tooltip" "run"
(14.8KB) - v3.0: Added skRayFal's Syntax!
(14.1KB) - v2.2: Fixed bugs 1 being a numbers bug, (Reported by mrschmock), Added some Umbaska Syntax!
(14.0KB) - v2.1: Fixed "on any movement" Added "usage"
(14.0KB) - v2.0: Added SkQuerys Syntax
(13.3KB) - v1.0: Basic
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