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Script Notepad | Faster with better functionality 2.1

A Notepad within chat for some amazing stuff!

  1. FusionCore
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15, 1.16
    Author: TrueFusion
    Name: SkNotepad
    Depends on: Skript, SkQuery, Skript-Reflect, PacketListenerNMSK

    A notepad script that brings you the ability to write notes in Minecraft.

    How to use:

    - /notepad (on/off) | Toggles your notepad
    - /notepad (updates) | Displays the updates for the notepad
    - /notepad (theme) (light/dark)
    Files (Note: Everyone has their own files)
    - /notepad (files create) filename | Creates a file
    - /notepad (files delete) filename | Deletes a file
    - /notepad (files set) filename | Sets your notepad to one of your files
    - /notepad (files list) | Lists your files
    Writing Notes

    TEXT | The classic way of writing notes
    [x] TEXT | Creates an unchecked checkmark
    [y] TEXT | Creates a checked checkmark
    [NUMBER] TEXT | Allows you to set a line of your notepad to something else
    [NUMBER] | Deletes a line of your notepad

    - Download the File
    - Type /sk reload SkNotepad
    - If you are not an operator, the permission to use this is notepad.use.
    - Then type /notepad on to turn your notepad on, and to turn off do /notepad off.

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