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Script Notepad 3 | Skript editing, sharing, more... 3.0

A notepad that doubles as a skript editor.

  1. FusionCore
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.18, 1.19
    Author: TrueFusion
    Version: 3.0

    - Skript
    - SkJade
    - Skent



    How to use
    TEXT - Adds line
    [LINE] TEXT - Sets line to text
    [~LINE] TEXT - Inserts line after specified line
    [LINE] - Deletes the line

    Skript Editing
    Using a ">" before any actual text in the notepad to insert a space.

    NOTE: Using a > in a note is not recommended because it will basically interrupt the careful formatting in the notepad and make it look absolutely horrible. The only reason you'd use a > in the notepad is for json formatting or for skript editing when it is turned off.

    Sharing is a way players can share notes to others.
    When you share a note with another person, it is automatically
    disables editing permissions.

    You can now easily edit, rename, create, upload, etc.. This new experience makes it that much easier to use the notepad.

    Themes and Formatting
    Your notepad is now easily customizable. You can use hex colors, or preset color values to change the colors that show up in the notepad.

    Skript File Editing BETA
    One of the greatest features of this update is the ability to edit Skript files. Bugs are to be expected.

    You can only add Skript files to players by executing a command in the console.

    How to use
    /notepad skript add (player) (directory)
    /notepad skript add TrueFusion plugins/skript/scripts/test.sk

    There's a lot I included in this update that I am really excited about. I hope you enjoy the notepad.

    - The notepad does not use packets in this update because of possible lag. This means that if your chat is constantly flooded with messages, the notepad may not show up looking clean.

    - Due to the current nature of the notepad, your console will be flooded with commands. This may bother some people, so consider this before downloading.

    - You won't be able to see the chat while you're inside of the notepad, so if you're in a conversation or if someone is trying to get your attention in the chat, you won't be able to see those messages.

    The notepad is in a sort of beta version, bugs are to be expected. If you notice any sort of major or minor bug in the notepad, PLEASE message TrueFusion#7600 on discord.

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