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Script Node staff node1.2 patch

Fully Customisable Staff Script.

  1. Maezukie
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13

    Code (Text):
    1. Options:
    3.     # (reason) - The reason for the mute, kick or ban
    4.     # (infractions) - The number of infractions the user has
    5.     # (infraction) - Not to be confused with (infractions) sends the Infraction
    6.     # (infraction-index) - The infraction's number
    7.     # (max-infractions) - The max infractions number
    8.     # (timespan-lasting) - The timespan of the mute, ban or chat slowness
    9.     # (staff) - The operator performing the ban, kick or mute
    10.     # (offender) - The offender of the ban, kick or mute
    11.     # (timespan-set) - The date the ban or mute was made
    13.     PERMISSION-ALL: Node.*
    14.     PERMISSION-MUTE: Node.mute
    15.     PERMISSION-BAN: Node.ban
    16.     PERMISSION-KICK: Node.kick
    17.     PERMISSION-CHANNEL: Node.channel
    18.     PERMISSION-VANISH: Node.vanish
    19.     PERMISSION-INFRACTION: Node.infraction
    21.     PERMISSION-CHAT-MUTE: Node.chat.MUTE
    22.     PERMISSION-CHAT-CLEAR: Node.chat.CLEAR
    23.     PERMISSION-CHAT-SLOWMODE: Node.chat.slowmode
    24.     PERMISSION-CHAT-ALL: Node.chat.*
    26.     PREFIX: &8(&3NODE STAFF&8)
    28.     BAN-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &fbanned &a(offender) &ffor &a(reason) &f[(timespan-lasting)]
    29.     MUTE-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &fmuted &a(offender) &ffor &a(reason) &f[(timespan-lasting)]
    30.     KICK-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &fkicked &a(offender) &ffor &a(reason)
    32.     UNBAN-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &funbanned &a(offender)
    33.     UNMUTE-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &funmuted &a(offender)
    35.     MUTED-MESSAGE: &fYou were muted by &a(staff) &flasting &a(timespan-lasting) &ffor &a(reason)
    36.     BANNED-MESSAGE: &f %nl%&fBanned from the server.%nl%&8» &fReason: &a(reason)%nl%&8» &fExpires: &a(timespan-lasting)%nl%&8» &fBanned on: &a(timespan-set)%nl%&8» &fBanned by: &a(staff)%nl%&f
    37.     KICKED-MESSAGE: %nl% &fKicked at &a(timespan-set) &ffor &a(reason) &fby &a(staff) %nl%
    39.     VANISHED-MESSAGE: &e(staff) left the game
    40.     UNVANISHED-MESSAGE: &e(staff) joined the game
    41.     VANISH-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &fhas entered vanish
    42.     UNVANISH-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &fhas exited vanish
    43.     VANISHED-LEFT: &fThe last time you were online you were in vanish, you are still in vanish.
    45.     MUTE-EXPIRED: &fYour mute has &aExpired&f!
    46.     BAN-EXPIRED: &fYour ban has &aExpired&f!
    48.     LEFT-CHANNEL: &a(staff) &fLeft the channel.
    49.     JOINED-CHANNEL: &a(staff) &fJoined the channel.
    51.     LEFT-CHANNEL(personal): &aYou &fLeft the channel.
    52.     JOINED-CHANNEL(personal): &aYou &fJoined the channel.
    54.     CHANNEL-CHAT: &a(staff) &f»
    56.     MAX-INFRACTIONS: 5
    57.     MINIMUM-INFRACTIONS: 4 #usually one less that the MAX
    58.     INFRACTION-MESSAGE: &a(staff) &fwarned &a(offender) &ffor &a(reason) &f[(infractions)/(max-infractions)]
    59.     INFRACTION-REMOVED: &a(staff) &fSuccessfully removed infraction &a##(infraction-index) &ffrom &a(offender)
    60.     INFRACTION-INVALID: &fInfraction &a##(infraction-index) &fdoes not exist on &a(offender)'s &fHistory&7(-H)
    61.     INFRACTION-MAX-REACHED: &a(offender) &fhas reached max infractions.
    62.     INFRACTION-BAN-TIMESPAN: 7 days
    64.     HISTORY-TITLE: &a(offender)'s &fHistory »
    65.     HISTORY-LIST: &a##(infraction-index) &8&l» &f(infraction)
    66.     HISTORY-CLEAN: &8&l» &a(offender)'s History seems to be clean.
    68.     CHAT-LOCKED: &a(staff) &Fhas &clocked &fthe chat.
    69.     CHAT-UNLOCKED: &a(staff) &Fhas &2unlocked &fthe chat.
    70.     CHAT-CLEARED: &a(staff) &Fhas cleared the chat.
    71.     CHAT-SLOWMODE-SET: &a(staff) &fhas enabled &9slowmode &ffor chat [&a(timespan-lasting)&f]
    72.     CHAT-SLOWMODE-TOGGLED: &a(staff) &fhas disabled &9slowmode &ffor chat.
    73.     CHAT-USAGE: &f/chat &a<clear|toggle|t|slowmode> &c[<timespan>]
    74.     CHAT-TIMESPAN-OVER: &fYour stated timespan [&a(timespan-lasting)&f] is too large. it must be under &a10 seconds
    75.     CHAT-SLOWMODE-MESSAGE: &fWoah &9slowdown &fthere buddy, chat is currenly on a &a(timespan-set) &fslowmode please wait &a(timespan-lasting)
    76.     CHAT-IS-LOCKED: &fChat is currently &clocked &fyou cannot speak.
    78.     UNSPECIFIED-TIMESPAN: &cUnspecified timespan.
    79.     UNSPECIFIED-REASON: &cUnspecified reason.
    80.     UNSPECIFIED-PLAYER: &cUnspecified player.
    81.     UNSPECIFIED-TEXT: &cUnspecified text.
    82.     UNSPECIFIED-ARG: &cUnspecified argument.
    84.     INSUFFICIENT-PERMISSIONS: &cUnauthorised to use this command.

    Code (Text):
    2. Skript 2.3.x >
    3. SkQuery 3.6.4

    Terms of service:
    Do not distribute the skript as your own, developers make it for you to use not steal

    Only modify the skript if you know what your doing, again don't re-upload even if you have slightly changed it

    Criticism is accepted, as i suck balls at skript​

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  1. Patch #1

Recent Reviews

  1. Nova
    Version: node1.2 patch
    I used this for a while and had fun. The code looks neat and professional. I also liked how you did the options. Good job on the script!
    1. Maezukie
      Author's Response
      thank you for the review!