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Script Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections BETA-3.2

Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections || Amazing Flight detections

  1. Huge Update [BETA-3.0]


    Fixed Bug where Autoblock would flag while in creative mode.
    Fixed Bug where Bhop(Bhop8A) would flag when jumping off of lily pads.
    Fixed Bug where Bhop(Bhop4A) would flag when continuously jumping down which would cause more speed.
    Fixed Bug where Bhop(Bhop5A, Bhop8A) would flag when jumping on and off a skull.
    Fixed Bug where Bhop(Bhop2A) would flag when run jumping onto daylight sensors.
    Fixed Bug where Bhop would flag when teleporting.
    Fixed Bug where Neon Command would attempt to get a offline player's ping which would cause a NullPointerException.
    Fixed Bug where Flight(FlightY) would flag when moving off and on a chest.
    Fixed Bug where Jumping and toggling flight at a certain value wouldn't flag any flight/speed checks.
    Fixed Bug where Nofall would flag on skulls, and on Sugarcane.
    Fixed Bug where NoSlowDown would flag after death.
    Fixed Bug where Timer would flag when teleporting server side.
    Fixed Bug where Timer would flag when taking screenshots/reloading texture packs.
    Improved Neon Update check System ->(Actually gets the precise amount of updates that have been published).
    Improved Neon Command ->(Changed Player Status into Player Stats(Ping/TPS/Banned)).
    Improved Flight Hover/Speed Check ->(Flags more often).
    Improved Teleport back ->(Added Slow Teleport down).
    Improved Autoblock Check ->(Shouldn't false anymore).
    Improved Speed Check ->(Bhop4A, should flag when jumping fully).
    Improved Speed Check ->(Bhop4A, shouldn't false randomly).
    Improved Weird Packets Check ->(Added "LOLIMAHACKER" to the packet checklist, this checks for Cracked Vape).
    Improved DisToGround Function ->(Would report player's position as 0 over the void, causing multiple errors with Bhop).
    Improved Timer Check ->(Slow Timer, Anything below 0.60 should flag now).
    Improved Neon Alerts/Message ->(Colored Ping Green = Good Ping, Orange = Moderate Ping, Red = Bad Ping).
    Issue With Boats / Vehicles ->(If your standing on top of a vehicle some of the checks with false such as Nofall, I can't fix this false because the method to get entities nearby causes High TPS Drop).
    Issue with Teleport event ->(For some reason it seems to stop working. Which causes certain checks to flag when a player teleports through a command block... etc, this could be because I'm using Dev37c, Dev36 might be more stable. I'll be doing further testing later).
    Removed Flight Hover check ->(Useless check).
    Renamed Flight Speed check ->(Hover Check).

    Added Flight Check ->(Onground Check (If players onground while in air, it flags)).
    Added Flight Check ->(Gravity Check (Jetpack/Glide flies shouldn't bypass anymore LOL)).
    Added Aimbot Check ->(Perfect Aim(Pitch,Yaw) (Trying out Lambda statements, they're really compact.)).
    Added CPS Check ->(Arm Swing Packet check for CPS (Recurring CPS)).
    Added Criticals Check ->(Time Between Packet).
    Added Bhop Check ->(Constant Y).
    Added New LagCore System ->(Detects if there's any lag such as chunk loading, Please configure this on your server it'll improve Neon's performance).
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