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Script Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections BETA-3.2

Neon Anticheat || Packet Detections || Amazing Flight detections

  1. Update [BETA-2.6]

    Fixed Bug where Nofall would flag on Rails, Banners, Snow, Redstone torches, torches, buttons, levers, tripwire hooks, and on Carpet.
    Fixed Bug where InvalidPackets would flag on Armor Stands, and paintings.
    Fixed Bug where Bhop would flag on Snow, Carpets, Enchantment tables, end portals, chests, hoppers, and on Flower Pots.
    Fixed Bug where Bhop would flag while inside of vehicles.
    Fixed Bug where Skellett Ping would output a NullPointerException, if the player was dead and the Alert Function executed.
    Fixed Bug where Reach would flag when using Knockback swords.
    Improved Bhop -> (Bhop5A(3 Block falls shouldn't flag anymore)).
    Improved Bhop -> (Bhop7A(Falling off block edges shouldn't flag anymore)).
    Improved Bhop -> (Bhop2A(Falling off block edges shouldn't flag anymore, should also flag more often)).
    Improved Reach -> (Same Height as Entity, shouldn't flag constantly).
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