Script MoreAbilities 2022-08-15

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The special part about this skript
Not only does this skript have custom items, but its getting weekly (or maybe daily) updates!
I work on this on my free time, and well, I have lots of free time on my hands, so I will strive to make this skript as complex and as good as it can be

What this skript is for
Now, we all know there's lots of skripts like these, but this one will be updated a lot, so be prepared and stay tuned

Please note that this skript is still in development and does not have many custom items, only 2 sadly, but that's because its in beta, when fully released, the skript will still be updates but a bit slower as I'm just trying to release it only.

Current commands are only
  • /giveabilityitem
Planning on adding commands for configuration!
First release
Last update
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