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Addon MongoSK 2.3.0

The MongoDB database management addon for Skript.

  1. First 2.0.0 release

    As expected and planned for some time, here it is at last! MongoSK v2 makes place. On the program:

    • ⚡️ Database queries are executed asynchronously
      The code has been rewritten using the mongodb-driver-reactivestreams library

    • ⚙️ Automatic and intelligent transformation of all sorts of data
      You can now store all types of Skript as items, players, blocks, etc. MongoSK does the job for you!

    • Simple and understandable debugging to quickly identify problems
      The information are relevant and useful for both novice users and developers of the plugin

    • Addition of advanced queries for specific queries
      You are now able to target more precise data in your queries with a lot of options

    • More logical and smart syntaxes
      Syntaxes have been reworked to be more consistent and logical
    So, how to update from MongoSK 1 to MongoSK 2?
    All information is available on a specially created discussion here: #23. If you still need help, you can come to the Discord server or ask for help in GitHub discussions. All links are on the main page.
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