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Addon MongoSK 2.3.0

The MongoDB database management addon for Skript.

  1. Important bug fixes

    This new update brings many fixes. This one doesn't bring any additional big feature, because like the previous one, I prefer to concentrate on the bugs to be solved. But don't worry, some new features are still being developed in parallel!


    • Better error catching (6018854)
    • Fix some errors on the mongo document field expression (53c2b7e)
    • Fix issues with mongo document lists (e6c3767)
    • Fix not recognised syntaxes when using numbers (fe23964)
    • Fix incorrect query time display (72910d0)
    • Fix error with empty value filters, like mongosk filter where filter "foo" is set (2fb5cfd)
    • Fix entity codec (ec80be3)
    • Fix documentations with invalid examples (e215234)
    ✨ Features

    • You can now delete documents without having to specify a filter, as MongoSK will set an empty filter by default if you do not specify one. The same goes for defining documents (9258c56)
    As always, if you have any suggestions, problems or need help, I am always available to help you!
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