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Addon MiSK (Discontinued) 1.0.0

A Miscellaneous Addon for Skript 1.14+

  1. Big Re-work, better handling, fixed several bugs. New Villager syntax!

    Although not a huge amount was added, this is probably the first release that I'm pretty confident is stable.
    I also streamlined how the merchant/villager syntax is handled. Instead of registering merchants and villagers separately, they're now able to be used in the same patterns.
    There's not actually a noticeable difference there, but it cut down the file size by a bit and it's a much better practice.
    From now on, I'm going to do proper change-logs as well.

    So, here we go!

    • All syntax that accepted %integer% now works properly
    • Fixed a conflict with skript-mirror 2.0's type
    • Fixed a types conflict between lootable objects and entities
    • Fixed several issues in the "disable" and "remove" effects
    • Fixed a few minor pathfinder issues
    • Guardian beams now have a higher range limit (in theory)
    • Recipe properties now have some new handlers (see docs)
    • You no longer have to specify whether an object is a merchant or a villager, but you can if you want
    • New villager syntax: change profession, type (appearance), level and experience
    • Added a stop pathfinding effect
    • Price multiplier, uses and max uses syntax
    • You can now clear trades rather than using an empty list, but both do the same thing
    • I've added a lot of new entity-handling stuff, some new pathfinder goals thingies
    • I'd expect another week or so before I can get the old SkStuff syntax working properly

    I'd recommend you update ASAP. There were a lot of minor fixes. I also refactored things about five times between 0.3.5 and this, as well as cleaning up my code a bit.

    As usual, any bugs -> discord me, or message me here. :emoji_slight_smile:
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