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Addon MiSK (Discontinued) 1.0.0

A Miscellaneous Addon for Skript 1.14+

  1. Big Update! Guardian Lasers + Entity Syntax :D

    In this update, I introduce the first test of Guardian Lasers into Skript! These are notoriously hard to do, and I had to get a little help from SkytAsul and his amazing library! :emoji_slight_smile:

    As well as this, I also laid the foundations for some cool entity syntax and conditions that might make life easier for people.

    As vanilla Skript can't use NMS methods (due to licence issues) there are many other methods available to addon-makers.

    Guardian Laser:
    Code (Text):
    2. draw (guardian beam|laser) from %location% to %location% [[and] keep] for %integer% second[s]
    Entity Conditions:
    Code (Text):
    2. fire[ ]proof[ed]
    3. # Checks whether an entity can be damaged by fire.
    4. # Nether entities and things with fire resistance can't be.
    5. # This only counts default Minecraft behaviour.
    6. # If you have some strange plugin or system, it might miss it!
    8. interactable
    9. # I'm not 100% sure what this means.
    10. # It seems to be whether you can interact with the entity in some way.
    11. # Such as feeding it, or equipping it.
    13. in water
    14. # Checks whether an entity is in water.
    15. # This includes waterlogged blocks, and partially submerged.
    17. wet
    18. # See above, but also if they are in rain.
    19. # Useful to check if players can use their riptide/channelling enchantments!
    21. [a] passenger
    22. # Checks whether an entity is a passenger.
    24. [a] vehicle
    25. # Checks whether an entity is a legal vehicle.
    27. swimming
    28. # Checks whether an entity is swimming.
    29. # I presume this refers to the 1.13+ swimming style
    Entity Effects:
    Code (Text):
    2. mount %entities% on %entity%
    3. # Forces an illegal mounting.
    4. # Use this to stack multiple passengers on a single entity.
    5. # Use with CAUTION!
    7. make %entities% invisible
    8. make %entities% visible
    9. # Toggles the visibility of an entity.
    10. # Works like armour stand visibility.
    12. move %entities% to %location%
    13. # This forces an illegal in-world move.
    14. # It's not a teleport, so entity passengers won't be dismounted.
    15. # It also won't cause player screens to flicker.
    16. # Use with CAUTION!
    18. set [the] silent state of %entities% to %boolean%
    19. # Toggle the noise of entities.
    20. # True = silent
    21. # False = noisy
    23. set [the] swimming state of %entities% to %boolean%
    24. # Toggles the swimming state of entities.
    25. # True = swimming
    26. # False = not swimming

    I would like to add my syntax to the main docs sites, but I got a lot of push-back from other addon developers.
    I'll keep asking, though. :emoji_slight_smile:

    As usual, let me know of any issues/suggestions.
    My discord is Moderocky#0001
    Western Mine likes this.
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