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Addon MiSK (Discontinued) 1.0.0

A Miscellaneous Addon for Skript 1.14+

  1. Entity Navigation + New 1.14 Inventory GUIs

    In this update, I've added the first of basic entity pathfinding and navigation.
    Soon I will add the old SkStuff goals.

    As well as this, I've also added all the new 1.14 inventory types to use as GUIs in Skript, as well as some other old ones (though might be unstable).

    Some of these don't actually function (such as smokers and lecterns) and are entirely visual. Perhaps you will find a use for them!

    New Syntax:
    Code (Text):
    2. make %entities% walk to %location% [at speed %-number%]
    3. make %entities% walk to %entity% [at speed %-number%]
    4. # speed should be between 0.1 and 3, values outside this are dangerous but may work.
    5. # the maximum distance depends on the Entity Tracking Range in your server config!
    6. # This only works on animals/mobs
    7. # armorstands, players, etc. do not work, and might return a big error. I'm not sure if I caught all of these.
    9. open hopper named %string% to %players%
    10. open dropper named %string% to %players%
    11. open dispenser named %string% to %players%
    12. open barrel named %string% to %players%
    13. # containers
    15. open ender chest named %string% to %players%
    16. open grind[ ]stone named %string% to %players%
    17. open lectern named %string% to %players%
    18. # these are fake and might cause errors, use with caution!
    20. open blast furnace named %string% to %players%
    21. open smoker named %string% to %players%
    22. # these don't actually smelt items, sadly :(
    24. open loom named %string% to %players%
    25. open cartography table named %string% to %players%
    26. open stonecutter named %string% to %players%
    27. # these might work! :)
    I hope you enjoy! As usual, contact me if you find any bugs/problems or have suggestions for future updates.
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