MineAlot Skripts

Script MineAlot Skripts 1.5

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Thanks so much for releasing this! I can now learn from your code as I do know skript but I want to see all the possibilities you can do with the language. Thanks again.
Does not work. I installed every plugin and it cant connect to my mysql, it says it has 47 errors! Fix it plz
I Really good but the there are no texture pack and maps
the website it downloads from is down
Oh, hey. I remember helping with some of these. Love u, clay xoxo
Clayton Didinsky
Clayton Didinsky
Lemme add u then bb, love u xoxo
F*ck my life, that are so many scripts and you all release them 4 FREE?! I never would do that.
And one question: How's your discord name?
Clayton Didinsky
Clayton Didinsky
You can find me on the SKU Discord under ClayToe
Throwback to working on this. Great on you sharing theese.
Clayton Didinsky
Clayton Didinsky
Thanks Lambo. It was great having you work on this project, I'll add you as a contributor right now!