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MineMidnight LamboCreeper NotABot
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.7
  2. 1.8
  3. 1.9
  4. 1.10
  5. 1.11
Hello it's been awhile for most of you all and most of you probably don't even know who I am! I'll re-introduce myself I joined skript probably back in late 2015 and was here all the way up until late 2016, during my time I was working on a 100% skript only server minigame network which many said was not possible but my goal was to prove them wrong. Over the time I was able to complete my goal to do so, with custom unique minigames, SQL access, etc. The network failed to launch because my grandma passed and I left the community and went MIA. Today I am planning to release all the skripts to not hope people use them but to give new people the chance to learn from how we used skript with SQL cause there isn't much documentation with it and more. These skripts were made by myself and MineMidnight.​
List of skripts in depth
Chat.Sk - Is the formatting for the chat when the player talks using the perms.sk [ALL SERVERS]
Friends.Sk - Is a DB friendly friend system adding friends removing denying and accepting also listing where your friends are with bungee and connecting them to that server by clicking them on the list. [ALL SERVERS]
Sharks and minnows.sk - is a unique minigame that works basically like the game you played in GYM most likely if you're from america! [MINIGAME]
Perms.sk - Will set groups add perms etc the whole nine yards no need for a permission plugin! [ALL SERVERS]
Online.sk - this will just set the player for the friend.sk list
Lobby.sk - Will take you to a lobby
Scoreboard.sk - Is an animated and function scoreboard works with DB and updates without flicker! [HUB]
Restrictions.sk - This is just a few events that restrict players from doing certain things in our hub etc. [HUB]
Quits.sk - Just sets the quit message to nothing [HUB]
joins.sk - This will set the players inventory for the hub and also hide players based on if others already have hidden players on. [HUB]
essentials.sk - lets you set gamemodes, setspawn, etc really all you need for a major network nothing over the top like most essentials have and or do have. [HUB]
MySKQ.sk - Mine created this and i'm pretty sure theres a resource but I think he also modified some stuff awhile just custom for my network if not i'll remove this as it's not mine. [ALL SERVERS]
Pets.sk - This was our custom pet system, I do believe it was never FULLY finished there were some bugs and glitches but mostly worked![HUB]
Doublejump.sk - lets you double jump with a cooldown and certain permissions [HUB]
Cosmetics.sk - this selects the cosmetics also purchases them with the middle click button you can hard code the prices and such in the skript [GUI] [HUB]
Lobbyselector.sk - This a complex system for the lobby selector which each holds up 80 [GUI] [HUB]
profile.sk - this will just show the basic profile of the player in a [GUI] HUB]
profilesettings.sk - this just set the basic settings of the players, private messages toggle, friend toggle, etc, [GUI] [HUB]
votes.sk - was a custom voting method we made that you'd walk up to a sheep and you'd vote and after voting it'd be a rainbow sheep it was cool one of my fav skripts, also very complex thxs mine <3 [GUI] [HUB]
treegrowth.sk - grew a tree stump blew up and lets people get coins for community loveeeeeee <3
smokegrende.sk - just tosses a ink with some smoke around it
paintball.sk - like most paintball guns
magiccarpet.sk - this is probably one of my favorite gadgets even created a minigame once out of this, this let people fly in the air with a magic carpet under them
hulk.sk - flys you up and smashes you down throwing people around you up in the air!
cloud.sk - just some particle stuff
messages.sk - just our custom version to PM people etc also let you turn them on and off
punishments.sk - this was mines emerial punshiments but was custom i think for our server (mine if it's not yell at me on discord bb)
queue.sk - let parties play games together also let only the party leader pick the game however if the party leader went AFK you could still play games solo!
parties.sk - was our parties system you can invite remove set new parties leaders etc, worked with the queue system. also believed worked with leagues you can create parties within leagues.
tips.sk - would get text from our site via FTP
leagues.sk - this is sorta like hypixels guilds has alot of the same functions and was finished but still could use alot more work
hide.sk - Not sure what this did even when looking at the skript because my knowledge of skript is so outdated but im sure it did something cool LOL
drop n guess.sk - was our take on mineplex's draw my thing but was 10'x cooler, we prebuilt pixel arts then it randomly picked one and you had to guess the word and it the word showed up on the action bar for a hint it was very fun my favorite minigame we had on the network! Plus the only one ever completely finished, you'll probably need the map for this and if you want it get it from me in the SKUNITY Discord :emoji_slight_smile: [MINIGAME]
nojoin.sk - just when a minigame was in progress didn't allow people on the server until the next game

pacmine stuff
game.sk - the base of the minigame etc
kits.sk - selects the skin etc
sk.sk - not even quite sure but oh well!

pacmine was a minigame that allowed players to play a minigame version of pacman in minecraft with a custom 3D texture pack! Contact on SKUNITY Discord for texture pack and map!

restrict.sk - this would kick players and such if the server wasnt open worked asyncly
main.sk - this would set the tab and footer and other stuff from the FTP via website
evaulate.sk - just evaluates
discord.sk - verfied the discord with your account! gave you coins
rewards.sk - you can claim rewards for being a donor and the sheep would be colored anytime you had a reward, it may also be a dupe of another skript idk oh well i was really unorganized towards the end.
moneyfarm.sk - this was another cosmetic feature just showed gold items on the ground
gameselector.sk - took you to certain games and had NBT tags with players etc [GUI] [HUB]
fly.sk - i think this is double jump just named differently who the fuck knows!
explodingmelon.sk - i explained this early i think idfk i have too many filessssss
disguise.sk - this was a disguise feature changed your name and skin i think, mines a bitch since i know you're reading this <3
achievements.sk - this is just what it sounds like you can complete achievements and get rewards for them I don't think they were ever used properly tho
bonusbox.sk - this was just like unlocking kits and stuff for other minigames etc.

I added more but I can't be bothered explaining the rest, there are 50+ skripts go wild have fun be safe don't kill yourself and lastly, skript over java D::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
List of Skript Addons & plugins Needed
Skript 2.2

PS: These plugins weren't on every server on the bungee they were on select servers so you'll have the play around with them sorry <3​
Here are the maps and pictures of the maps
ALSO releasing the 3D Texture pack for pacmine <3

I will not be updating these skripts nor will they work on any server you may use these skripts but may not also claim them as your own or reupload them.

These skripts are meant for new comers to learn and for anyone who'd like to use them for personal use. You may use this for your server and I'd love to credit people in this post so if your server is using any of our skripts I'll display your IP (If that's allowed).

Lastly it's been an honor being in this community and giving this to you guys sorry it took my so long to do this should've done this awhile ago.

PS: All DB stuff does work async so there wasn't much lag incase of large traffic

Much love to Baefell for everything <3 you've been there for this whole process and I appreciate u so much​
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Clayton Didinsky
First release
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Thanks so much for releasing this! I can now learn from your code as I do know skript but I want to see all the possibilities you can do with the language. Thanks again.
Does not work. I installed every plugin and it cant connect to my mysql, it says it has 47 errors! Fix it plz
I Really good but the there are no texture pack and maps
the website it downloads from is down
Oh, hey. I remember helping with some of these. Love u, clay xoxo
Clayton Didinsky
Clayton Didinsky
Lemme add u then bb, love u xoxo
F*ck my life, that are so many scripts and you all release them 4 FREE?! I never would do that.
And one question: How's your discord name?
Clayton Didinsky
Clayton Didinsky
You can find me on the SKU Discord under ClayToe
Throwback to working on this. Great on you sharing theese.
Clayton Didinsky
Clayton Didinsky
Thanks Lambo. It was great having you work on this project, I'll add you as a contributor right now!