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Script Mine Plugin [Create a prison mine!] {BETA}

This allows you to easily create custom prison mines.

  1. AROD2003
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    With this really cool skript, it allows you to easily make simple prison mines.If you would like to see the speedcode of it, look here!


    Just for now, there is one permission:
    - mine.admin


    Addons needed:
    Skript - I am using dev36.
    skript-yaml - Any (recent) version should work.


    • To get started with setting up a mine, type /mine create <mine name>
    • Then, add the blocks you would like to the mine (wood, ores, brick etc... Only blocks)
    • Make sure to make the area you want to use obsidian, it will change to bedrock for you!
    • Then, type /mine setarea <mine name>
    • Lastly, type /mine reset <mine name>
    • If you want to add a "chance" for the blocks, all you have to do is add multiple of the same block.
    • (To get a visual explanation, look at the speedcode above and skip towards the end of the video)


    ✓ - Done, ❌ - Future update,
    ⌛ - Working on it

    Mine Rank System -
    Configuration Files -

    Basic functionality -
    Chat System -
    Shop System -

    Your ideas!
    Block whitelist -
    More! -

    Lastly, please remember that this resource is new. There will almost always be bugs. I am going to constantly update this. Bear with me, thanks!

    Do not leave bad review with a bug, instead, please contact me with a private message so we can get it resolved!


    1. Untitled.png