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API MerchantAPI 1.0

The true successor of Tuke_Nuke's VillagerAPI

  1. FokaStudio
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
    Original by Tuke_Nuke
    On my server I often use Villagers for stuff like shops or even custom GUIs other than chests, so it was pretty sad to see addons like MISK to be left behind (I can't use Khoryl, so it was kinda a problem).
    But then I have stumbled upon Tuke_Nuke's API and decided to remake it! MerchantAPI is great succesor for that script! Kinda tricky and hard to use because of my poort scripting knowledge, but it can easily solve all the problems with Villagers!
    It's NBT driven, so it should work in every version above 1.14 (if SkBee is working on that version)


    I am working on 'open %merchant% for %player%' syntax, this one will require skript-reflect though

    Syntax can be found inside the file, among with examples and descriptions.
    Have fun using it, Server Developers!

    Need help? Found a bug? Any suggestion? DM me on Discord or ping me in SkUnity's Discord or on my own!
    I am open for any villager related suggestion!