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Script MEINKRAFT [No add-ons] 0.dev4

Essentials replacement in Skript

  1. jaylawl
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    How 99 % of all germans pronounce "Minecraft"...

    I've been using this as a replacement for the plugin "Essentials" ever since i started using Skript - simply because i'm unhappy with both how cluttered and messy Essentials feels and how it works in general. This is exactly what MEINKRAFT aims to change.

    • Skript dev37c or later
    • Minecraft 1.12.x (other versions are not supported, yet might work)
    • No add-ons

    The important gimmicks
    • You can remove modules that you don't want to use
    • You don't have to memorize any command syntax, because the commands don't have a fixed a syntax order + most syntax is optional
      • Example with "/fly" - all of these work:
        Code (Skript):
        1. /fly [get/set/toggle] [player] [true/false] [!s] [!n]
        /fly get
        /fly <player> get
        /fly set true !s
        /fly set on
        /fly toggle
        /fly <player> toggle !s !n
        /fly <player> set off !n
        /fly <player> false set
    • Almost all commands can be prevented from producing chat/console output by using "!s" for "silent" or "!n" for "no-notification" (explained in detail below)
    • Permissions are easy to overview
      • Includes permissions that can only affect the command sender
    • No YAML configs

    Current contents
    • /fly
      Allows to get, set or toggle through the flight state of a player. Includes in-script configuration options.

    • /gm
      Allows to get or set the gamemode of a player.

    • /god
      Allows to get, set or toggle a player's god-mode. Includes in-script configuration options.

    • /hat
      Allows players to wear any item as a hat.

    • /id
      Prints the name + data value of the currently held item or targeted block in the chat.

    • /invsee
      Allows to see the inventories and ender chests of players. Includes permission to deny looking in the inventories of certain players.

    • /more
      Allows to maximize a player's currently held item stack. Includes in-script configuration option as to wether minecraft's max stack sizes should be respected.

    • /nv
      Handy command to get, set or toggle the night vision of a player. Applies night vision for a year. Useful for building.

    • mk_plugins.sk
      This script denies any non-op to view the server's plugin list.

    • /spawn
      Teleports player's to their current world's spawn point. Includes in-script configuration option to override this command, which will send all players using the command to the spawn point of a given world (for example: your hub world), and an option that prevents abuse of the command to teleport between worlds.

    • /speed
      Allows to get, set or reset the fly- and/or walk speed of players. Includes in-script configuration options.

    • /time
      Allows to get, set, freeze or unfreeze the time of any world. Accepted inputs are time in ticks (/time set 0), time in skript-time (/time set 4:20) and time as strings (/time set noon). Per-world permissions are supported.

    • /world
      Allows to teleport players between worlds. Includes in-script configuration option to prevent same-world teleportation abuse. Per-world permissions are supported.

    • All commands accept the arguments "?" or "help" to print usage-examples.
    • Where applicable, commands accept the argument "!s" to prevent the command from printing any feedback (unless the command fails) - (for example: "/fly <player> !s !n") [tl;dr = no feedback to the command sender]
    • Where applicable, commands accept the argument "!n" to prevent affected players from being notified - e.g. the commands will change things about the player without letting them know. (for example: "/gm <player> 1 !n") [tl;dr = no feedback to the affected player(s)]

    This list can also be found within the "mk_core.sk" file
    Code (Skript):
    1. #   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    2. #
    3. #   >>> PERMISSIONS <<<
    4. #
    5. #   - contents within [.brackets] are optional
    6. #   - permissions appended with ".self" will not allow the user to apply the command to other players
    7. #   - permissions appended with ".<world>" will only allow the command to be used in relation to the given <world>
    8. #
    9. #   mk.*                          | all permissions related to MEINKRAFT
    10. #   mk.admin                      | /meinkraft command
    11. #   mk.fly [.self]                | /fly command
    12. #   mk.gm [.self]                 | /gm command
    13. #   mk.god [.self]                | /god command
    14. #   mk.hat                        | /hat command
    15. #   mk.id                         | /id command
    16. #   mk.invsee                     | /invsee command
    17. #       mk.invsee.deny            |     players with this permission are immune to /invsee
    18. #   mk.more [.self]               | /more command
    19. #   mk.nv [.self]                 | /nv command
    20. #   mk.plugins                    | /plugins command
    21. #   mk.spawn [.self]              | /spawn command
    22. #   mk.speed [.self]              | /speed command
    23. #   mk.time [.<world>]            | /time command - [.<world>] only allows the command to be used for the given world
    24. #   mk.world [.self] [.<world>]   | /world command - [.<world>] only allows to teleport to the given world
    25. #
    26. #   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Please share your thoughts on this as they will help me improve the script. Especially if you have ideas which important components could be added. Cheers!

    If you like this resource, please consider buying me a coffee:
    PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/langejulian

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