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Script [MCR Module] Hub Module 1.0

A Hub Module for MCR

  1. WheezyGold7931
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    by WheezyGold7931

    This script is a Hub Module for MCR! It adds some basic hub features of MP and thing is really only aimed towards people with Hub only servers.


    /sethub - Admin+ - Sets the hub spawn location
    /hub (/lobby) - Member+ - Teleports player to the hub location
    /sudo (player/all) (command) - OP+ - Forces users to run a command
    /load (plugin name) - Admin+ - Loads a plugin by that name

    MOTD Changes when staff become online/offline
    No Hunger
    No Block Place/Break when not in creative
    No Fall Damage
    Void Respawn

Recent Updates

  1. Download Link Fixed