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  1. 3meraldK
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
    an innovative and efficient script for user-friendly GUI for mcMMO plugin

    If you ever had mcMMO plugin, if many players in your server use it, then you surely should have this script right now. It was created mainly for the players, for the better experience, comfort and orientation in the mcMMO world.
    Everything in one place has been made for easier managament of your statistics.


    Script provides many opportunities in one place - a graphical user interface (or in inventory).

    - view offline/online players' statistics
    - progress and level of a skill
    - sorted, 14 skills
    - /mcmmo command opens sender's statistics in default, but argument opens other player's statistic.
    - script is configurable!
    - two permissions:
    - mcmmogui.use (only your statistics)
    - mcmmogui.use.others (see others' statistics)

    - Skript (tested: 2.5-beta4)
    - mcMMO (tested: 2.1.145)
    - skript-reflect (tested: 2.1.0)
    Build of skript-reflect for 1.13+ versions of Minecraft (must be logged in):

    - ranking viewer
    - more configurability
    - much of optimalization
    - configurable text
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