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Script Maze Challenge | Challenge yourself | Best Time calculation | Hologram Support 0.0.1

Challenges like a famous server

  1. i998979
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Don't worry about this script is premium resource, it is totally free, those FAQ are just some reminder. You don't have to pay anything in order to download this :emoji_grinning:


    Have you ever played on the most famous server in the world? So they have a Parkour Challenge, this resource is a perfect copy of it and you can use it in different situation like Parkour, Maze or other self-challenging games.

    - Hologram Support
    - Best Time Calculation
    - Big potential to create another type of games with Ctrl + H / Ctrl + R
    - Teleport / Fly restriction so everyone even admin can't cheat the time

    Videos & Pictures







    Arguments with [] can be ommited

    Player Commands
    /maze join <name>: Join the arena that you specified
    /maze leave: Leave the arena
    /maze restart: Restart the game, reset the timer
    /maze stats: Show your best time of the arena
    /maze list: List all avaliable arena

    Admin Commands
    /maze create <name>: Create a new arena
    /maze delete <name>: Delete an arena
    /maze spawnpoint <name>: Set the SpawnPoint of the arena, player will be teleported there when they join via command.
    /maze checkpoints <name>: Set the CheckPoint of the arena, iron pressure plate and hologram will be generated if nothing goes wrong, you can add infinite checkpoint.
    /maze startpoint <name>: Set the StartPoint of the arena, gold pressure plate and hologram will be generated if nothing goes wrong.
    /maze endpoint <name>: Set the EndPoint of the arena, gold pressure plate and hologram will be generated if nothing goes wrong.
    /maze enable <name>: Enable the arena, you will be able to enable the arena once all point has set up.
    /maze disable <name>: Disable the arena.

    Access arena setup (Admin) commands
    - Maze.admin

    - Skript (2.2 or above)
    - ExtraSK
    - SkQuery (I suggest download it from https://umbaska.gatt.space/)
    - SkRayFall
    - RandomSK


    - Download the following plugins
    - Skript (2.2 or above)
    - ExtraSK
    - SkQuery (I suggest download it from https://umbaska.gatt.space/)
    - SkRayFall
    - RandomSK
    - HolographicDisplays
    - ProtocolLib (Not pretty sure, but you should have it)

    - Put the plugins that mentioned above into your Server/plugins folder
    - Run the server once
    - Move the .sk file you downloaded into Server/plugins/Skript/scripts folder
    - Run the server again or type /sk reload all
    - type /Maze and test if it shows a commange page or not

    - Optimize the code
    - Customize messages
    - Easier way to switch type of game

    If you have any idea, feel free to tell me in the Discussion Section

    Can't answer what you really convern? PM me / post in the Discussion Section to get more information.

    Q. I get console spam frequently!

    Code (Text):
    1. [19:49:35 WARN]: [Skript] Cannot write variables to the database 'default' at sufficient speed; server performance may suffer and many variables will be lost if the server crashes. (this warning will be repeated at most once every 10 seconds)

    A. I am trying my best to deal with this problem, this might be your server's performance. Try to give more resources to your server. I will also try to improve the code to fix this problem.

    Q. Why I need lots of plugins as dependencies?
    A. As this resource is a skript, it is based on Skript plugin and its Add-On. I can't help if you can't install so much plugin. Currently impossible to compress those feature into a jar file for you to download. Consider before purchasing.

    Q. I get bugs / console errors / nothing received after typing a command.

    Bugs: Please make sure that you didn't mess up the code of the resources, try to use the version that never modified before asking me. I will help you as much as I can if you tell me the bugs you have got by PM me or post it in the Discussion section. I you decided to tell me the bugs via Review section, I will just ignore you.

    Console Errors: Same as 'Bugs'

    Nothing Received after typing a command: Please make sure that you follow the Commands Section above to use
    those commands. You might not get messages if you entered the wrong arguments.

    Q. Does this resource support xxxx platform / xxx server / xxx minecraft version ?
    A. I am sorry that I can't test all the platforms, servers, minecraft version. I don't have the time and the resource to do so. If you are getting problems about those platform / server / minecraft version issue, please PM me, I will send you a special-fix version to you if it is possible to fix.

    Terms of use
    - You are not permitted to redistribute any part of this resource in any form.
    - You are not permitted to edit the code of this resource and redistribute as your own work.
    - You are permitted to leave a review to comment this resource.
    - You are not suggested to leave a review about any problem occurred like bug fix. If you do so, I will just ignore you.
    - You will not being alerted if this section is being modified.

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