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Script Manage Player 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.14
Manage Player
So I made a script to allow admins to easily manage their players.


- You can manage your players with a GUI : see their inventory, their enderchest, freeze/unfreeze/mute/demute then, tp to them...
- Ban and kick options are improved.


/manage help : shows the help pannel
/manage <player> : shows the manage GUI of a player
/minfo <player> : shows the police record of a player
/minfo-delete <player> : deletes the police record of a player
/ban <player> [reason] : modified command to ban a player
/pardon <player> : modified command to unban a player
/kick <player> [reason] : modified command to kick a player


No main Skript AddOn required! This script just requires Skript plugin.
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Latest reviews

Actually, this script requires SkQuery addon since you're using *format* effect
No, I tested my script in a server without the SkQuery addon. Moreover, the format effect i'm using is different from the syntax from SkQuery, which proves it doesn't come from SkQuery.
Very good ressource i hope you will make an v2.0 with a bungee ban :)
Amazing ban plugin! Absolutely mind-boggling that this is all done with vanilla Skript. Best punishment system made with Skript I have seen in my life.