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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.18
  2. 1.19
  3. 1.20 is a big number library based on breakinfinity.js for people creating incremental games. It stores the number inside a string, so it is as accurate as your number accuracy in skript config
examples of accuracy:
number accuracy at 3:
839753 = 839000
number accuracy at 18:
843529571 = 843529571

chart: shows speed of most functions (differs from server to server but it is usually around 0.015 ms) the main library, contains every function contains commands that can be used for testing and a /speedtest to test the speed of the library

how to use:
at the end of there is a function list
how to use the functions:
example of setting player's money to player's money multiplied by 2

command /double:
set {money::%player's uuid%} to bigmultiply({money::%player's uuid%}, tobignumber(2))

if you want to create a bignumber that is greater than 1.8e308 (skript's number limit) use scientific notation ex: "5.49e69548"
in most functions you can get away with just setting the number to a string ex: "40" instead of tobignumber(40)

!! I'm currently working on remaking this library to use lists so you don't have to change number accuracy
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it works as normal and as the discription shows id recommend it