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Script LockIT 2.4.0

Skript replacement for the Lockette plugin

  1. All the Changes

    New Update! The code has been changed to support and now require skript-mirror. It seems much smoother and faster than the previous version. Players with lockit.admin permission can edit other player's signs, but to open or break containers, doors or signs, they will need the lockit.admin.bypass permission. This should give a little diversity to lower/higher ranked staff.

    Important Changes
    1. Name Change - You must delete all files in the /plugins/Lock-IT folder. It will generate a new folder and files with LockIT instead of Lock-IT. (I can have it automatically delete them if this is too difficult for you :emoji_wink:)
    2. Permission Changes - There are only three permissions: lockit.admin, lockit.admin.bypass, and lockit.player.use which used to be lockit.use.player.Check the permissions.yml for info.
    3. Message Changes - Cleaned up and removed some un-needed messages. Added messages for each item eg., door, chest, etc..
    4. FastLock - FastLock is now almost instant if enabled in the config, I remove the delay.
    5. Skript-Mirror - I'm finally starting to dive into using skript-mirror! A little bit of a learning curve, but pretty awesome stuff.
    As always, if there is any feature you'd like to see added, or would like a certain block added to the protection system, let me know.
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