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Script Lobby Preferences | Inventory GUI preferences 1.5.2

Let your player to configure the settings with easy GUI

  1. i998979
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Lobby Preferences

    Let your player to configure the settings with easy GUI

    Hello guys
    This is Lobby Preferences
    And it works like other popular server
    It have 1 item for information and 1 for switching
    You can switch it via inventory GUI or command

    Custom Join Item support
    Player visibility
    Speed Boost
    Double Jump(https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/double-jump-shotbows-style-double-jump.16156/)
    Player join/quit Message
    No yellow Join/Quit Message

    Future Plan
    make stacker throw player with force
    more configurable







    Test Server
    [1.8-1.11] FactoryCraft.epac.to (My own server :emoji_grinning: )

    ...If you used this in your sevrer, please pm me your server ip and i will add it here



    /pref visibility [player]: Show or Hide player
    /pref stacker [player]: Turn on/off stacker
    /pref speed [player]: Speed Boost or not
    /pref jump [player]: Enable/Disable Double Jump
    /pref message [player]: Show/Hide join/leave message
    /pref reset [player]: Reset someone's Preferences to the default one
    /pref help: Show help page

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