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Script LiquidTanks 1.0

Store liquids easily!

  1. B
    This skript adds portable liquid tanks to game for being able to store fluid without tons of buckets!

    • Skellet
    • ExtrasSK

    Known Bugs:
    There isn't any bugs now. But it isn't stable at all. So please, if you find any bug, report it to me. I will try to fix it.

    How to Use:
    It is very simple to use this plugin. Get a free tank with command /tank (requires permission). Place it to where you want. And then...
    • Left click with any liquid bucket to put liquid into the tank.
    • Right click with an empty bucket to get liquid from the tank.
    • Shift and left click to break liquid tank.
    There isn't any way to buy or craft tanks. But you can easily code it. If you can't, you can write it to "Discussion" section so I can help you.

    An Important Note:

    On previous versions(I don't know which version), name of liquid buckets are different. Like on 1.12, water bucket is "water_bucket" but on 1.8 it is "water bucket". So if name of liquid bucket looks like "1 Bucket(s) of water bucket", you should replace all

    water bucket
    lava bucket

    milk bucket

    Author: Bartuzen (me)
    Please don't share it on other websites.
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