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Script LabyModAPI | Skript 1.0

Small LabyModAPI in Skript

  1. Lystx
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    I translated every Java public void to a Skript Function

    -Its easy to understand
    - English and German version
    - Small tutorial inside the Skript to understand everything
    - All addons I use included
    ( Because I dont know which ones you need)

    You can....

    - Send your current playing gamemode
    -> (https://docs.labymod.net/pages/server/gamemode/)
    - Send a player to a different server
    -> (https://docs.labymod.net/pages/server/server_switch/)
    - Edit the Action menu
    -> (https://docs.labymod.net/pages/server/action_menu/)
    - Set your subtitle
    -> (https://docs.labymod.net/pages/server/subtitles/)
    -> NPC Emotes might follow soon
    -> (https://docs.labymod.net/pages/server/emote_api/)


    ( The other pictures were too big)