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Addon Khoryl 1.0.6

An addon all about blocks and entities

  1. Massive Content Update 1.17-1.19

    I guess I forgot to upload all the 1.17-1.18 content with 1.0.4, so here is 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

    The amount of syntaxes added will take me hours to add here, so all syntaxes will be present on skripthub.net in the coming hours.

    Auto docs will generate now https://docs.skunity.com/syntax/search/addon:Khoryl unsure how accurate they will be though.

    - Added AI toggle for entities (means they don't move and just stand there) 1.11+.
    - Added pickup status for living entities.
    - Added climbing condition of living entities. 1.17+.
    - Added swimming state for living entities. 1.17+.
    - Added some armour stand syntaxes.
    - Added more merchantrecipes syntaxes, villagers can be used in the expression.
    - Added Vex syntaxes.
    - Added Wolf angry.
    - Updated Spigot to 1.19.
    - Updated Skript to 2.6.2.
    - Updated Gradle to 7.3.1.
    - Added Redstone power on analogue powerable blocks.
    - Added sculk catalyst bloom 1.19+
    - Added last vibration sculk sensor and sensor phase 1.19+
    - Added summon state of sculker shriekers 1.19+
    - Added warning levels of sculker shriekers 1.19+
    - Added shriek trigger 1.19+
    - Added frozen state 1.18+
    - Added condition to check if entity is inside a vehicle
    - Added client side visible fire
    - Added entity rotation
    - Added freeze ticks 1.18+
    - Added Axolotl syntaxes 1.19+
    - Added Frog syntaxes 1.19+
    - Added chested horse syntaxes and now works as an inventory in Skript.
    - Added the new left and right horn additions from goats 1.19+
    - Added item frame visibility
    - Added item frame drop chances
    - Added itemframe syntaxes
    - Added shivering syntaxes
    - Added boost steering syntaxes
    - Added steering syntaxes
    - Added steering material (on a stick)
    - Added charging syntaxes
    - Added more age syntaxes
    - Added Warden syntaxes 1.19+
    - Added tad pole syntaxes 1.19+
    - Added new sculker events

    Events notice:
    The new sculker events are `[on] sculk [shrieker] shriek[ing]` and `[on] sculk [sensor] [tendrils] clicking`
    The event values can be event-location, event-entity and event-number. The number being radius. The event values may not be present for either event. It appears that Mojang has not properly implemented the sculker events yet, there was a dedicated packet for it in the pre-releases and snapshots, but they're removed in the offical 1.19 so no clue. Spigot just threw the events into the GenericGameEvent category because of this, so the performance of this it not the best, but it's definitely handled properly, so use sparing until Mojang probably fixes in the future with continued updates.
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