JukeboxMusic ❖ Custom Music

Script JukeboxMusic ❖ Custom Music 1.1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.14
Any error or bug not paste them on the home page, use private message

- Skript
- SkQuery - TuSke

on load:
#    How to add Songs?
#    1) add your .midi/.mid file in "SERVER_FOLDER\plugins\Skript\scripts\Music"
#    2) add (set {song::Music\FILE NAME} to "NAME OF SONG IN THE GUI") in the space below
#    3) enjoy the song with the command /music
#    ====================       ADD HERE YOUR SONGS!       ====================
    set {song::Music\example1_dejavu} to "[Example] Deja Vu"
    set {song::Music\example2_golden_wind} to "[Example] Golden Wind"
    set {song::Music\example3_Star_Wars_Cinematic_Suite_-_John_Williams_-_Piano_Solo} to "[Example] Star Wars - Cinematic Suite"

#    ==================== ^^^^^ ADD HERE YOUR SONGS! ^^^^^ ====================
    titleMusic: &8[Music] Songs available
    titleRadio: &8[Radio] Songs available

    youListening: &2Are you listening &a""%{_name}%&a""
    youNotListening: &cYou are not listening to music.
    youStoped: &cYou stopped listening to music.
    musicOffRadioOn: &cYour music was turned off, &4%{_p}% &cstart the radio.

    clickToPlay: &7‣ Click to play song %{_musicSymbol}% # >>>>> %{_musicSymbol}% is random symbol: "♩", "♪", "♫" or "♬"
    clickStopName: &cStop listening to the song
    clickToStop: &7‣ Click to stop song

    noPermission: &cYou do not have permissions to do that!

    radioStart: &a%{_p}% &2start the radio with the song &a""%{_name}%&a""
    radioStop: &c%{_p}% turned off the radio.
    radioIsStoped: &cThe radio is already turned off.
    radioIsOn: &cYou can't listen to music, the radio is on.

    loadName: &aJukeboxMusic &fv
    version: 1.1.0
/music - jukeboxmusic.musicgui
/radio - jukeboxmusic.radio

/Music: Allows the player to listen to music
/Radio: Makes all players listen to the same song


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