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Script JIE (Jake Item Edit) 1.0.0

An Advanced Item Edit Skript with many planned features

  1. Jake*
    Me, myself and I
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18
    JakeItemEdit is a recreation of ItemEdit (you guessed it) but with more features, meaning once I'm done with the "basis" features I'll start adding all kinds of features that can cross my mind such as templates.

    To unlock the itemedit aliases just remove the # in the aliases option line.

    As i could not find a proper way of having arguments with spaces, if you want to add spaces just add %%% (ex. /JIE rename &cCool%%%Sword)


    /JIE rename <name> | renames the held item.
    /JIE lore add <text> | adds a line to the held item's lore.
    /JIE lore remove <line> | removes a line (note that by doing this not only will the selected line be removed, but the lines below will go up by 1, almost as if you literally deleted it, i'll add a way to choose if this has to happen but for now you can set the wanted line to a color code).
    /JIE lore set <line> <text> | sets a line to a text.
    /JIE lore reset | clears the held item's lore .

    To add:
    -Tab completions