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Script JBoRS - Just Bunch of Random Skripts 2017-12-16

Just Bunch of Random Skripts

  1. HamAndRock
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Hello Skripting Community, my name is HamAndRock and i am not really active here and now not even in skripting. I Just found bunch of Skripts that i used on my personal server few years before, some of theme will be broke, cannot say you which addons you need but i have been running this on 1.9 with most of addons that were available at that time. Its free to use, but its not recommended to use it on your server without tweaking it, i will not help you with fixning bugs, this is mostly for learning purpose only.

    About these script, there is full RPG system with Quest(Broke i think but they were working, but then i started adding chain quests so it was broke),CustomMobs,CustomBosses,CustomItems,CustomEnchatnts. Warps, Jobs, Casino, Shops, CustomResidence System.

    + There are some configs so you can take look how to add custom things to it. But to understand them you will have to look in code i think :]

    Feel free to use them. I don't use Skript anymore i moved to Java, but Skript was kinda starting point for programming. But i still think that skript is pretty nice and very fast :].

    Enjoy these resources, HamAndRock.

    PS: Code isn't perfect so thats isn't why I posted it here (But i hade no problems running these scripts witj 20 people online with 2Gigs of ram). I posted it here because i think examples are best to practice any programming/skripting langue.