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InteractiveShop | Easily configurable shops! 1.1.3

GUI-based shop easily configurable in-game.

  1. Fixed the open message & added multiple versions.

    There was no "open" message, it has been added.
    Changed $ to a similar symbol to avoid \ bug.

    Now the resource has 3 versions:
    1. Default one, needs all addons.
    2. No Skellett, needs TuSKe and skQuery. Doesn't have sounds nor actionsbars.
    3. TitleManager, has actionbars but not sounds (uses TitleManager commands).

    Some people don't like to use Skellett as it has many "useless" stuff in it. If this is the case, just go to SyntaxToggles and follow these steps:
    1. Go to replace in your text editor.
    2. Replace all true with false in the file.
    3. Use Ctrl + F and find:
    - Sound: false
    - Actionbar: false
    Now, change these to true. Done, now restart your server and Skellett will register only actionbars and sounds.
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