Infuse SMP Plugin ⚔️ [Skript] [Free] [Drag & Drop]

Script Infuse SMP Plugin ⚔️ [Skript] [Free] [Drag & Drop] 1.3

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.16
  2. 1.17
  3. 1.18
  4. 1.19

Skript that implements the Infuse SMP Plugin into your server!
Messages can be configured at the top of the file

If you kill a player you get a random positive potion effect, while the player killed gets a random negative one

If you kill a player with a negative potion effect, the negative potion effect is removed but you do not receive a positive one

Effects now stack! Negative effects replace positive ones, and you can stack your effects!

Installation Tutorial >

1. Download these 2 plugins (.jar file, latest version) >



2. Put these in your `/plugins` folder in your file manager

3. Restart your server

4. Go to the `/plugins/Skript/scripts` directory in your server's file manager

5. Drag the downloaded file into that folder

6. Restart your server again

7. Simple as that! The Infuse SMP Plugin is now setup and fully added into your server, no additional configuration needed!

If you have an issue, feel free to join my discord to ask for support >
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