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Script iMoney [Beta 1.2.1]

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.12
This plugin is now being maintained in iEssentials (

Terms and Conditions
You may not distribute or claim this plugin as your own.
You may not distribute this plugin with any implemented changes
without permission from the author.
Reviews may not be about issues, those will be in the discussion, unless you are telling about issues with your review. The same for recommendations.
iMoney is a skript that allows you to use an economy values allowing
you to use it in many ways. It's easy to use with simple commands that
aren't complicated. It has some features that can be friendly and nice to use with specific user management. You can even change the permissions and have custom permissions in the configuration!
- Help Page with list of commands.
- Set a player's balance to an exact amount.
- Take money away from a player's balance.
- Give money to a player's balance.
- Reset a player's balance to 0.
- Version Message.
- Built In Reload.
- Check your, or any player's balance.
- Pay money to another player's balance.
/iMoney - The iMoney command list.
/iMoney help - An alias for /iMoney
/iMoney set <player> <amount> - Sets a player's balance to a certain amount.
/iMoney take <player> <amount> - Decreases a player's balance by a certain amount.
/iMoney give <player> <amount> - Increases a player's balance by a certain amount.
/iMoney reset [player] - Reset your balance, or an optional choice of resetting another player's balance.
/iMoney version - Tells you the iMoney version
/iMoney reload/rl - Reloads the plugin
/balance/bal [player] - Check your balance, or a optional choice of checking another player's balance.
/pay <player> <amount> - Pay another player a certain amount of money.
Any line starting with - describes the configuration line above.
The lines starting with - Are NOT in the configuraton,
Code (Text):
no-permission-message : &cYou do not have permission to use this command!
- Message if a player tries to use one of these commands but doesn't have permission
set-permission-node : iMoney.set
- Permission node for /iMoney set (Change if you'd like)
take-permission-node : iMoney.take
- Permission node for /iMoney take (Change if you'd like)
give-permission-node : iMoney.give
- Permission node for /iMoney give (Change if you'd like)
reset-permission-node : iMoney.reset
- Permission node for /iMoney reset (Change if you'd like)
version-permission-node : iMoney.version
- Permission node for /iMoney version (Change if you'd like)
reload-permission-node : iMoney.reload
- Permission node for /iMoney reload (Change if you'd like)
- Permission node for /iMoney help (Change if you'd like)
balance-permission-node : iMoney.balance
- Permission node for /balance (Change if you'd like)
balance_others-permission-node : iMoney.balance.others
- Permission node for /balance <player> (Change if you'd like)
pay-permission-node :
- Permission node for /pay (Change if you'd like)
1. Download the plugin Skript from
2. Download this skript.
3. Put this in the "scripts" folder.
4. Restart/Reload your server.
5. Try out this new plugin!
Planned Updates
Vault Support
Betting Where Both Players Involved have a 50% Chance to gain the other players money.
First release
Last update
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