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Script iEssentials Pre-Alpha 3.1.2

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I'm still searching for a way to get Vault to recognize iMoney as an economy.
I've added some things to iModerate to make the chat better for players.
New Features
/block-word list - List of blocked words
/block-word <word name> - Blocks a certain word from being usable in chat
/unblock-word <word name> - Unblocks a certain word from being usable in chat.
/clearchat - Clears the chat.
So right after Pre-Alpha 1.3.2 I want to update the command lists and forget, and I ALSO see that /god, /heal and /speed are default to all players. I've fixed the permissions for them and I updated the /iCheats help page, again.
/god permission node now works.
/heal permission node now works.
/speed permission node now works.
/iCheats help now has /speed.
Another great update for iEssentials right here! Took me about an hour to make this one. Hoping you'll guys find this useful, I will infact.
New Features
/speed <type> <amount>
#By the way you can only have a minimum speed of 1, and a maximum of 10. It automatically turns things lower then 2 to 1, and higher then 10 to 10.
So the last update Pre-Alpha 1.3.1 had a glitch where /iModerate help and /iCheats help didn't have the new commands, that's fixed in this update!

/iCheats help is now updated with all current commands.
/iModerate help is now updated with all current commands.
Over the past few days I've been improving this skript, and we've added almost all the features on our planned features list with one left! The last one I'm having some trouble with but I'm hoping to get it done soon. Here's what I've done!

New Features
/god - Toggle god mode which makes you unable to be attacked by entities.
/heal [player] - Bring your health, or a player's health to maximum health!
/skull <player> - Get the head of any player.
New Features
/warps - Gives you a list of warps.
/delwarp <warp name> - Deletes a warp.
Updating from versions Pre-Alpha 1.0 to Pre-Alpha 1.2.1 will cause your old warps not to show on /warps.
1. You can set the warps again, in the same area. That will make it work fine.
2. Delete the {iBasics::warp::} stuff in the variables.csv file in Skript.
Updated the iBasics and iModerate command lists.
New Features
Added /freeze <player>
New Features
Added /gamemode (/gm) command.
Improved /afk command:
- Removes AFK on chat.
- Removes AFK on movement
This skript now requires SkQuery
New Features
/setwarp <warp name> - Sets a warp
/warp <warp name> - Teleports you to a warp
/afk - Toggles AFK. (Beta AFK Command, This does not disable AFK if you move or chat.)