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Heads To Mask 1.0

Add an unique experience to your server for all players. Grind, collect heads, and create special Mo

  1. Hobbes
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    HTM Header 2.jpg

    Heads To Masks

    This skript adds a unique and fun way to allow players to collect mob heads and turn them into masks that have special abilities.

    What to expect:

    The configuration file will be found in the "Heads To Masks" plugin folder and in there you can change mask price values.

    Executes with functions:
    The majority of this skript is based around a few major functions.
    Just run the skript and it works!

    & it's customizable for each and every server!

    Tutorial on how it works:




    Permission: HeadsToMask.Admin

    /HeadsToMask < mob type>
    Opens up your head storage for specified mob

    /HeadsToMask help
    Sends you the list of commands in the HTM plugin

    /HeadsToMask clear
    Removes all Heads To Mask Trader Station locations

    /HeadsToMask cheat < player name >
    Adds a fixed amount to all animal head storages for a player

    /HeadsToMask reset < player name >
    Resets a player's head storage amount for all mobs

    /HeadsToMask trade
    Opens up the Trade-In GUI

    /HeadsToMask give
    Give you a "Heads To Mask Station"

    reloads headvalue.yml

    Addons required:
    SkQuery -
    Lime's fork highly recommended
    TuSke - Latest Version
    Skellett- Latest Version
    ExtrasSK - Recommended Version 1.5
    SkStuff - Latest Version

    Any issues?
    If you have any issues with this resource, contact:
    Discord: Hobbes#8256 (highly recommended)
    Email: [email protected]


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