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Script Grapple - GrapplingHook 0.3 Pre-Alpha

Grapple is a advanced GrapplingHook to use in your server!

  1. Meex
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
    Grapple is a Grappling Hook for your server!
    Always wanted to fly around your world grabbing things,
    don't look further this is what you want.

    This is a Pre-Alpha please report bugs to me!

    - Pull yourself to locations. -
    - Pull entities to yourself. -
    - Pull items from the ground to yourself. -
    - Configurable power and settings. -
    - FallDamage if the player is holding grappling hook with config -
    - Update checker with config -
    - Reload/Version command -
    - Permissions. -
    - Config (Not required). -
    - Block whitelist with YAML config -
    - A lot of commands! -

    Coming features
    - Tell me features I can add and I will add them -

    grapple.give - So the player can give other's and themselves a grappling hook
    grapple.main - To check the version and reload config and all other commands
    grapple.pull.self - So the player can pull themselves
    grapple.pull.items - So the player can pull items
    grapple.pull.players - So the player can pull other players
    grapple.pull.entities - So the player can pull mobs
    grapple.nopull - When a player has this permission they cannot be pulled by other player's

    /grapplinghook <player>
    Permission: grapple.give
    To give other's or themselves a grapplinghook
    You can also use /gh or /grapple

    /ghm <help>

    Permission: grapple.main
    To check check all the commands!!!

    Block whitelist config
    Code (Text):
    1. Enabled: false # To enable block config
    2. BlockWhitelist: # All the blocks added to the config - air is also a block!
    3. - grass block
    4. UseAsWhitelist: true # Whitelist or blacklist
    5. ConfigVersion: 0.3 # Don't change config version


    Skript [v2.2+] (For the skript to work)
    Skellett [v1.9.6b+] (For the skript to work)
    SkUtilities [v0.9.2+] (For the skript to work)

    If you have any suggestions or issues with this skript dm me!

    Servers Using Grapple
    (Dm me your server to be listed here!)

    Tested Versions

    1.12 (Tested by me)




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