API GetCursorFace 1.1

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This script is extremely simple to use yet extremely useful for developers!

He has a unique function, that allows you to get the face of the block targeted by a player.
This functionality, unavailable from basic expressions or effects of Skript or its addons, can be very useful.
In order to achieve this result, this script recalculates a 3D geometry from the block's location, player's location and the player's view.

It's very easy to use:
Returns the face of the target block (north, south, east, west, up or down). Returns nothing if player isn't targeting block.

You only need a recent version of Bensku's Skript, that support vector functionalities.

Well... That's all ! For any questions, please contact me on Discord Arno#8677 (I'm on the SkUnity guild and french-speaking Skript-MC guild), or in private message on the forum.
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;) Nice use of vectors! It looks a bit clunky but it is skript after all