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API GameAPI 1.3a

A API for devs when you want create a mini game in skript.

  1. Alexlew
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
    Documentation || Github || Bugs || Discord


    GameAPI is, as its name indicates, an API with currently more than 25 syntax for mini games. At the moment its name comes down to that but other syntax are already in the works to offer you more options and possibilities.


    MundoSk, SkUtilities, skript-yaml and skript-mirror.

    Installation :
    1. Download the file .sk
    2. Goes to your file "plugins/Skript/scripts"
    3. Check that the necessary addons are up to date otherwise download them
    4. Reload your server
    5. Verify the possible errors in the console
    6. Enjoy !

    Use/Syntax: :

    All the syntax is available in the wiki of the github below :

    Suggestions, ideas, bugs, concerns ? I invite you to say it to me in private message or ondiscord. The API working of my quoted, I invite you to indicate me your concerns before putting your review.

    You too can participated !
    If you have ideas, you can contact me at the same time on discord of skunity but also via github ! It is enough to you to modify the code by github and I would be there warns ! Then, the code will be updated with your features additional !
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Recent Updates

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