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Script Fly Card 1.6.2

A simple way to let your players fly for a short time.

  1. Update 1.6.2 [Efficiency Update - Part 3]

    • Step three in making this Skript a little more efficient. (Last step)
    • Removed all periodical events
    • Made scoreboard more efficient. A lot less flickering now. Still a bit, but I believe that is out of my control
    • Changed a few more colors to make it a bit nicer looking
    • Changed the overall look of FlyCard messages send when activating a FlyCard
    • Scoreboard now shows minutes and seconds remaining (Not just minutes)
    • Config option to turn of update checks
    • Added an option to check flytime of other players
    • Added more info to the /flycheck command (Whether or not the player is flying with flycard)
    • Added a reset to combat mode if the player dies
    Upcoming Update:
    • I have no real ideas for updates, so If you guys have any thing you would like to see added, let me know.
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