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Script ExtraHardMode 1.1

Putting the Survival back in Survival

  1. ShaneBee
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    Looking to give your survival server a little bit of an edge? Wanting to give your players an experience unlike any other? Interesting in a game that gives you true survival experience? WELL... look no further.

    Extra hard mode was originally designed for modded gameplay, and was adapted to bring that experience to Bukkit/Spigot servers. I took it a step further and brought it to Skript. After countless hours of staring at my screen I finally made this work. This skript is PACKED full of some fun and interesting stuff, too much to really add to this list. I will add the top fun ones, but the config file have extensive notes detailing all the features.

    All of these features can be enabled/disabled in the config file.


    Better Mobs:
    - Skeletons that sometimes allow arrows to pass thru them, they're made of bones after all (Coming soon: Skeletons will shoot other harmful projectiles - Currently one is in the config but not actually written in the code)
    - Spiders that drop cobwebs around you when they die, adding in a little obstacle
    - Charged creepers that spawn naturally in the wild
    - Random killer bunnies
    - Always angry pigmen
    - Unstable blazes that spawn near diamond level in NORMAL worlds

    - Chance of crazier thunderstorms
    - More blocks effected by gravity (grass/dirt/cobble) Making digging around a little more difficult, and also deters players from building dirt/cobble homes
    - Better tree felling - The trunk and branches of a tree will fall and potentially injure you.
    - Torches - No permanent flames near diamond level (there’s not enough air!) Torches and jack-o-lanterns will burn out
    - Explosions are a little more exciting, I don't want to spoil this one, you gotta see it!
    - Weaker crops (This is going to need to be adjusted a LOT so please give feedback)

    - Inhibited tunneling - When enabled, players will need a diamond/iron pick to break stone
    - Cheap tools (wood/stone/gold) pickaxes won't break HardStone (stone)
    - Mining ore softens the stone around it, which can then fall and injure the careless player.

    - Respawning after death will give player less than full health/hunger bars
    - A chance of losing items on death
    - A chance of damaging tools a bit on death rather than losing them
    - Enhanced environmental injuries - Take more damage, some potion effects too

    This skript is in a very early beta stage. I'm more posting this to get feedback on how you guys find the mechanics. I myself know that a few things need to be adjusted, but its super hard to do it all with just me on my test server.

    - /Ehm about - A little info about the skript and your config
    - /Ehm help - pretty useless just shows commands
    - /Ehm reload - Reloads the config after making changes

    - extrahardmode.admin - Access tot he reload command

    - Skript (tested with Bensku 2.2dev37c)
    - Skript-Mirror (tested with v.0.18.0)
    - Skript-Yaml (tested with v.1.2.4)
    - SkQuery (tested with lime v.3.6.1)

    1) Install Skript on your server if you haven't already.
    2) Install all dependencies as per plugin instructions.
    3) Place the zip file into the scripts folder under plugins/Skript/scripts
    4) unzip it
    5) Restart server or run /skript reload ehm/ (its a folder so dont forget the / )
    The config will be in "plugins/ExtraHardMode/config.yml)

    Please do not use reviews for help. If you post in reviews for support you will not receive support, as I can only reply to your review, and not have a conversation back and forth.

    Please use the discussion area for support, I will do my best to help.

    Feel free to donate if you would like :emoji_slight_smile: Any support helps out

Recent Updates

  1. 1.2 [Cleanup]

Recent Reviews

  1. K
    Version: 1.1
    Very Very Nice!

    I Love it :) :^)

    Keep it up! :)
  2. Madrid
    Version: 1.1
    This deserves a 5-star because I can see the effort and time this took, and well executed in Skript too.
    Hopefully you keep updating and working hard!

    Great job.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you ver much. It still needs a lot of work. There are a few elements that I haven't added just because I can't figure out the proper way to do it, so I will do my best to keep this project going!