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Script EmpireEco (Skript Item Based Economy) | [BANKER] [API] 1.2 BETA

Item Based Economy meant for RPG Servers

  1. Dabriel
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
    EmpireEco is an Item-Based Economy plugin.
    It was meant for RPG servers that wish to have a similar
    coin system like MMO games (e. g. WoW or GuildWars 2)
    This version is BETA. Please report any bugs you can find in the discussions section and not in the reviews.

    - Item-based economy, which means you can hold your money in your hand.
    - API (You can use the features in your own scripts)
    - YML Configuration and Data Storage
    - 3 Types of coins (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
    - Banker to view the amount of coins you have and withdraw|dopiste them.
    - Well-written coins system.
    - Pickup-message module. (When you pick up a coin, it will send you a message telling you the amount you picked up. You can enable or disable this in the config)
    - Chat withdraw system
    - Withdraw with 3 different mouse buttons, each button defines one type of coins.
    - Admin commands that have the ability to control everything around the script
    - and much more...

    Player Commands = epe.player
    - /banker - opens the main banker menu
    - /coins - Tells you what you have in your vault without the need of the banker's menu

    Admin Commands = epe.admin
    - /epe - open the help menu for admin commands
    - /epe coins <give/take/reset> <player> <amount> - give/take/reset player's stats
    - /epe coins <list/stats/get> <player> - get the stats from another player
    - /epe reload - reload the plugin

    Banker's GUI

    Auto coin transformation. When Bronze reaches 100 it will add 1 to silver and remove the 100 from bronze. Just like in WoW or Guild Wars 2

    Chat Withdraw system

    Smooth and fast deposite system


    Code (YAML):
    1. currency:
    2.     onStart:
    3.         bronze: 25
    4.         silver: 0
    5.         gold: 0
    6.     banker:
    7.         enderchest: true
    9. modules:
    10.     pickup_message:
    11.         bronze: true
    12.         silver: true
    13.         gold: true

    Code (Text):
    2. - effects:
    4.   # remove a specific amount of type of coins from player's vault. Behaves just like the command.
    5.   [empire[eco]] (remove|subtract) %number% [(1¦bronze)] [(2¦silver)] [(3¦gold)] (from|of) [(the)] (%player%'s vault|vault of %player%)
    7.     example:
    8.         subtract 5 bronze from player's vault
    11.   # add a specific amount of type of coins to player's vault. Behaves just like the command.
    12.   [empire[eco]] (give|add) %number% [(1¦bronze)] [(2¦silver)] [(3¦gold)] to [(the)] (%player%'s vault|vault of %player%)
    14.      example:
    15.          add 5 bronze to player's vault
    17.   # Remove an amount of type of coin from player's inventory.
    18.   [empire[eco]] remove %number% [of] [(1¦bronze)] [(2¦silver)] [(3¦gold)] coin[s] from [the] %player%'s inventory
    20.     example:
    21.         remove 5 bronze from player's inventory
    24. - expressions:
    27.   # If you want to get the amount of the player's type of coin.
    28.   [empire[eco]] [(1¦%player%'s bronze)] [(2¦%player%'s silver)] [(3¦%player%'s gold)]
    30.      example:
    31.          set {_value} to player's bronze
    32.          broadcast "%{_value}%"
    35.   # Get the amount of type of coin from player's inventory. Physical items.
    36.   [empire[eco]] [amount of] [(1¦bronze)] [(2¦silver)] [(3¦gold)] [found] in [the] %player%'s inventory
    38.      example:
    39.          set {_value} to amount of bronze in player's inventory
    40.          broadcast "%{_value}%"
    43.   # Get the yml value of a module.
    44.   [empire[eco]] status (of|from) module %text%
    46.      example:
    47.          set {_value} to status of module "pickup_message.bronze"
    48.          broadcast "%{_value}%"
    51. - conditions:
    53.   # Condition to check of the module is true or false
    54.   [empire[eco]] status (of|from) module %text% is [(1¦true|enabled)] [(2¦false|disabled)]
    56.      example:
    57.          if status of module "pickup_message.bronze" is true:
    58.               broadcast "null 1"

    - Skript [Tested with Bensku 2.2 Dev37]
    - SkQuery v3.6.1-lime+
    - Skellett v1.9.6b+
    - skript-mirror v0.18.0+
    - skript-yaml v1.2.4+
    - TuSKe 1.8.2-Pikachu-Patch-3+

    Support will only be given through discord, here or on Github.
    If you report a bug in the reviews and ask for support, you will be ignored.
    Use the discussions.

    - You may not claim this as yours
    - You may not re-post this code anywhere without permission

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