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Script Efficient script reloading-shorthand 0.dev2

Provides commands that allow you reload the scripts you need in a quick fashion

  1. j
    - Skript-dev32 or later
    - SkUtilities 0.9.0 or later
    Tested on paper-1.12 & 1.11. Might work in prior versions.

    Just drop this script anywhere in your scripts folder and reload it. Make sure SkUtilities is installed and working.

    • Command "/sra"
      This is nothing more but a shorthand for the "/skript reload all" command. Seems redundant, but trust me, it's a time saver.

    • Comamnd "/srs [<scripts>]"
      Allows you to reload certain scripts only ("srs" standing for "skript reload scripts"), however, it also allows you to only load scripts only in a certain folder or scripts sharing a piece of string.

      - "/srs lib/" will only reload scripts in folders called "lib"
      - "/srs functions/helpers/" will only reload scripts in folders "functions/helpers/"
      - "/srs test.sk" will only reload scripts named "test.sk"
      - and so on...

      The [<scripts>] argument is optional. If left blank, all of your scripts will be reloaded.

      But wait there's more!
      Timings will be generated that show you how long each script took to reload (time displayed in milliseconds) and also gives you a total reload-time for all involved scripts:
    That's all there is to it.
    This simple little script is a huge time saver for me and i hope it will be for you, too.

    If you like this resource, please consider buying me a coffee:
    PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/langejulian
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