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Script Easy-To-Use | Custom Skripted Mining 0.2

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.19
  2. 1.20
**NOTE** The version for 1.19 must be on the main release, A.K.A 1.19.4
**NOTE** All addons are on the latest version, which are necessary to run.
**NOTE** The skparser does not have the most up-to-date skbee

Required Addons:
- Skbee

Step #1:
- Use the command /sm addblock while looking at the block you want to be mineable.
The other commands should be shown as well when this is done.
Step #2:
- While looking at the same type of block, use /sm block (health/power) <number> to create the data for it.
Text in [Brackets] is optional. Tell me if you want this removed
Step #3:
- Hold the pickaxe you want and type /sm pickaxe (speed/power) <number> for the same effect.

Step #4:
- Reload the skript file and leave and join the server to apply all effects.

**AFTER NOTE** I was unable to create a mine animation as the block kept updating and ruined the effect. I chose to use a progress % instead. If you want to show the health of the block instead, I can create a setting to change that in the future.

Rewards must be edited in yourself, as I don't know what variables or things you'd want to reward the player with.

Options are also easily changeable, for sound, prefixs, etc.

Creative Commons License
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Increased efficiency

    Created functions for code that repeated to save performance. Removed the [mining] in the tab...
  2. Removed skript-yaml

    The only addon needed now is skbee! Everything works the exact same, but without skript-yaml.