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Addon DiSky - Create your own Discord bot easily! 4.12.0-beta4

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Hello there
This pre-release update introduces support for **creating and editing auto-moderation rules**, supporting triggers, filters, and more!

> ⚠️ I am a bit overbooked lately, so the second part of this update (including managing already-created rules) will come later on, sorry!

**AutoMod Documentation:** <https://disky.me/wiki/basic-stuff/automod/>


DiSky is an addon of Skript allowing the management of a Discord robot in this language. Send messages with components, files, or embeds, set up slash commands, interact with members, and more with DiSky!


Getting Started
Anyone can start using DiSky, you need to have some basic English. A wiki refers to small tutorials on how to create your robot and link it and some DiSky features such as messages or slash commands. The documentation lists the syntaxes available to create your own code and customize your robots as you wish!

While this page and the GitHub link to the latest version (4th generation), DiSky is available for Minecraft 1.12 and - with Skript 2.5 and - under its 3rd generation. You will not receive any support when using it though!
- finally Fixed permissions of property, where adding one was clearing the others
- Fixed discord command XXX: scope were hiding Skript errors

- Fixed documentation for roles of and permissions of properties
- Added documentation for open private channel effect

✨ - Added way to get emote's name (discord name of %emote%)
✨ - Added suppress reaction effect (remove reactions from message)
Critical Changes:

  • mentioned channels -> mentioned text channels (In favor of mentioned voice channels)
  • value of component with id -> value of dropdown with id OR values of text input with id (in favor of values returned by the select menus)
  • guild emojis -> guild emojis en stickers (intent)
⚠️ We also highly discourage people to use using bot XXX part of any effect/expression where it remains. Please, use the Specific Bot Effect instead (https://skripthub.net/docs/?id=7320)

✨ New Features:

  • mentioned voice channels property, to get the mentioned voice channels of a message.
  • You can now add Dropdown (through a new components row as always) to modals. To get the selected values, simply use values of dropdown with id "your-dropdown-id"
  • Added event-voicechannel in any message event (in favor of voice-textchannel IDK how to call them)
‍ Internal Changes:

Full Changelog: 4.0.1...4.1.0
This small release provide a fix for the critial issue concrning Types.
The AudioChannel's type was registered with the same codename as MessageChannel's.
Also, two expression was using the jdk.craft.Name annotation for the documentation, instead of the Skript's one.
Please, take the time to read all of that. Yes, it's long, but think about the fact that it couldn't be as long as me writing this!

Hello to all of you!
I hope you have a good afternoon :emoji_grinning:
I'm happy to announce, although a few days late, the initial release of DiSky V4!

Of course, many of you are already using the alpha & beta versions, but this marks a new era with DiSky, as there are many changes in addition to those in DiSky itself:

  • Support for DiSky v3 is definitely over. Get up to date!
  • Documentation is available on skUnity, SkriptHub and my own site (https://disky.tech/docs/)
  • A wiki is under construction, which will integrate all the features (hopefully in the near future, for now there are only basic tutorials.), available at: https://disky.tech/wiki/
  • Updates will be more regular. Being a stable version, it forces me to make constant updates in order to guarantee the stablity of DiSky (poor me)
What's next?
Lots of new features are coming:

Before suggesting a new feature that Discord just made, check JDA's pull request (just the PR's name) and see if there's one opened. If there's none, i won't be able to add it myself yet.

I would like to thank all the contributors and those who have always supported DiSky since the beginning. As a reminder, DiSky was just a small personal project to offer a simple and easy alternative to Vixio. We've come a long way together, DiSky is bigger than ever, and it won't stop growing! Thank you very much for your support and I sincerely hope that DiSky will fulfill your desires as we move forward with updates.

DiSky is (finally) available on the skUnity forum as a resource. It will soon be available on Spigot, but in the meantime, feel free to put a review (positive or not, as long as it's constructive), and if you like DiSky, 5 stars! As a reminder, DiSky is not maintained by a big group of people, and this big project is based on volunteer work! Don't hesitate to boost this server to show your support, without spending any extra money!

Full Changelog: 4.0-beta4...4.0.0